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Australian Frogs
        News and Views
                Night Watch:FATS and gazetting Wallingat State Forest
                Where were the women in frog research
                Ground Breaking News Five new Australian frog species
                Winter breeding frogs
                Frogs and floods
                Preserved species
                Climate canaries
                A Class Act
                Atrazine: the DDT of the new Millenium?
                Wood Frogs and antifreeze
                Where are the Painted Desert Frogs in NSW?
                Chemical weapons
                Frogs in boggy early Sydney town
                Australian tree frogs climbing tips
                Sleep mode habitat for Green and Golden Bell Frogs
                How adaptable are Australian frogs?
                Closed pipe irrigation and frogs
                Litoria castanea rediscovered
                Hedging their bets
                Bizarre breeding behaviours of barred river frogs
                The Lazarus Project - good news to stomach
                Disposable gloves - a health hazard for frogs?
                Ever heard of Wallum - or Wallum Frogs?
                Breeding stupid - designer frogs!
                Australia's Waterfall Frogs
                Three new Queensland frog species!
                Green and Golden Bell Frog Recovery Project for NSW
                Australia's Mysterious Blue Frogs
                The threat from feral pigs
                Arthur White visits the Kimberley
                Decisions, decisions about breeding sites
                the wxyz of frogs: sex changes in frogs
                Predator and prey
                Wooing back the Woonona bell frogs
                See also...
                The Lazarus project: success is brooding
        The unAustralian Cane Toad
                Cane toad myths
                Success and wrap up for Taren Point eradication
                Toads at Taren Point: catch them while we can
                Long term success at Taren Point
                Taren Point Cane Toad Eradication Program
                October Cane Toad muster in Sydney
                Cane Toad Detection Dog training
                Planning and action to eradicate Cane toads in Southern Sydney
                Breeding Cane Toads - in Sydney!
                2009 a new cane toad colony located in NSW
                Sniffer dogs in Port Macquarie
                2009 Cane Toad Muster report
                2008 Toad Muster - would you believe 70,000 Cane Toads!
                2007 Toad Muster success!
                Survival diets - wildlife who have dropped Cane Toads from their menu
                New weapons in the war against Cane Toads
                2008's Cane toad muster is now in progress!
                Gearing up for the 2009 Cane Toad Muster
                Bad news about the lung worm
                WA's war on Cane Toads
        All about Chytrid
                15 Years of Chytrid experience
                Pondering the ponds on Ash Island
                Chytrid and globalisation: another leap forward
                The Corroboree Frog
                Killing chytrid with a commercially available disinfectant
        Frog Wrangler Time with Arthur White
                Habitat and environment
                Frogs and toads
                Frogs as pets
                Characteristics of frogs
                Behaviour of frogs
Australia's Wild Habitats
        Introduction to habitats
                Introduction with Allan Fox
        Australia's desert heart - red but not dead
                Austraila's desert heart - red but not dead
        Gorge(ou)s water sculptures
                Gorge(ou)s water sculptures
        Boom or bust - the salt lake way
                Boom or bust - the salt lake way
        Ecosystem shaping with natural disasters
                Survival through adaptation
        Arid and semi arid landscapes (series)
                Shock absorbers
                Cool shapes for leaves
                Through thick and thin
                Arid can still be fertile
                A good crust can earn a good crust
                It's raining renewal
                Branching out
                Understanding how dry and arid land ecosystems function
        Sky Islands: remnant forests from Gondwanan times (series)
                Sky islands: reflecting our Gondwanan heritage
                Sky Island specialists: the hip pocket frog
                Sky Island specialists: the bog frog
        Our southern seashores
                An introduction to marine life
        Field based learning - first hand experiences for environmental studies
                Field Days in Deed
                Ahead of the field
Bats: the only flying mammals
        2014 Flying fox updates
                How are our politically problematic flying foxes faring?
                September update: netting and shooting
        Care Taker
                Care Taker
        A scary ghost (bat) story
                A scary Ghost (bat) story
        Bats and backyard fruit trees...
                Netting backyard fruit trees
        A matter of Trust
                A matter of Trust
        Hot spot: heat stress and flying foxes
                Hot spot: heat waves in flying fox camps
        Bat raps (series)
                Raising an orphaned baby flying fox
                Totally smitten - by a flying fox
                Hanging in there - rehabilitating injured flying foxes
        BAT RAP
                BAT RAP with Peter Noble
        The right mix
                The right mix
        Flying foxes and issues of environmental law
                Flying foxes and issues of environmental law
        What's so special about bats' wings?
                All about bats' wings
        How long do flying foxes and micro bats live?
                How long do micro bats and flying foxes live?
        Can bats walk or crawl?
                Can bats walk or crawl?
        How do flying foxes clean themselves?
                How bats and flying foxes clean themselves
        How do bats and flying foxes raise their young?
                How do bats and flying foxes raise their young?
        AQIS priorities in northern WA
                Introducing AQIS, Broome WA
        Working with Indigenous ranger groups
                AQIS has a program of Indigenous engagement across Australia's Top End
        Ballast water
                Problems ballast water can bring to our shores
        Exotic insects and other invertebrates
                Biosecurity strategies to control invertebrate invaders
Birds - Descendants of Dinosaurs
        Australia's Mound Building Megapodes (series)
                Australia's mound building birds
                Mound building manoeuvres
                Keep off the mound!
                Mound breaking news on brush turkeys
                Meet the Megapodes and their most unusual family member
                Males behaving very badly
                Mound temperature and chick gender
                More GFN research: red knots and two flyways
        More on Brush Turkeys
                Outrageously creative gardeners
                Courtin' action male brush turkey style
                Brush work
        The thriving Australian White Ibis (series across several categories)
                A moving tale - the Australian White Ibis
                Tips for urban Ibis colonies
        Introducing the Emu - the Great Australian Bush Chook
                Emu run through
                In fine feather
                The very public private life of male emus
                See Also: fur or feathers
        Migratory shorebirds and tidal flats (series)
                Shore birds: making the most of living in a crowd
                The Global Flyway Network: a shore thing
                Bohai Bay 2017: the changing tide for shorebirds
                Track work
                Banding together: keeping track of migratory travellers
                More GFN research: red knots and two flyways
                Flyway travellers' high energy lifestyles
                Muddy waters: Bohai Bay 2012 update
                2011: Clear as mud: the future of the Bohai mudflats
                Red Knot 2010 update from China
                Bo Hai Bay 2009: Another knotty problem
                Canon netting capture on Roebuck Bay
                The Great Knot's Yellow Sea Peril
                The inside story of satellite tracking
                Fast tracking - shorebirds on the move
                Frequent flyers - migratory shorebirds in Sydney
                The Wash's wintering waders
                Set your sights on Shorebirds 2020
                A matter that really counts: shorebird census 2011
        Uncooped: deconstructing the domesticated chicken
                Show Business
        Getting their message across (series)
                Complex communications by chickens
                Animal language
                Complex reasoning without a neocortex
                A new side to the brain
                The cognitive chicken: higher mental processing in a humble brain
                Food for thought
                Think again
                Imprinting really does count
                Music to their ears
                The thought that counts
        Thoughtful birds in action
                Mental feats the avian way
        Birds who make tools
                Tool use in the wild
                Reasonable thinking
        Right and left footed parrots
                Lateralisation of the brain at work again
                A hand to mouth existence?
        Avian adaptations
                Breath taking bird metabolism
                Flight path
                Songbirds and shrill shouters
                Fancy feet and feathers
        The Tawny Frogmouth
                The Tawny Frogmouth
        Global positioning - the avian way (series)
                Navigation using Earth's magnetic fields.
                Not fowl play - remarkable GPS in chickens
                Silvereyes: tiny Tasmanian travellers
        The Cuckoo Wars Arms Race
                The Cuckoo Wars Arms Race
        Why do birds have such wonderful colours?
                Why do birds have such wonderful colours?
        Gouldian Finches
                Gouldian Finches definitely do NOT prefer blondes
        Brolgas - something to dance about
                Brolgas - something to dance about
        Surveying waterbirds in rivers and wetlands
                Findings from the latest in a 27 year series of annual surveys
        The sad history of seabirds
                The sad history of seabirds
        Plastics - the scourge of the sea
                Scourge of the sea - the problem with plastic
        See also...
                See also...
Bug Brothers: insects and other arthropods
        The secret lives of bugs (series)
                Pollination Bugs
                Why people contact entomologists
                Each and every which way
                Bee unique: Australian native bees
                The big picture of life
        Terrestrial invertebrate ecology
                Terrestrial invertebrate ecology
        Ant misbehavin' - the fire ant is!
                Tiny aggressors that decimate the local insect populations
                Spare a thought for these ancient earth dwellers
        Termites: ancient, diverse and succesful
                Termites: ancient, diverse and successful
        Good press for termites
                Think tunnels before mounds
        Fleas for all seasons
                Bryce Peters discusses some of our pets' closest companions
        Fabulous flies and marvellous maggots
                In defence of flies
                Forensic entomology - just like on TV?
        Fruit fly
                A growing concern
        Mosquitoes (flies in disguise)
                From the archives: Biting back
                More about Mozzies
        Biting midges
                Biting midges or sandflies
        Toxic and venomous relatives
                Toxic and venomous relatives have been placed in the Venoms and Toxins category on the website
        Tracking long and short term memory in bees
                Brain lateralization in bees
Built Environment
        Green roofs and walls (series)
                New ideas for green roofs and walls
                DIY green roof and wall projects
                Green roofs - a new level for sustainable living
                Green roofs - new technology from old
                Green roofs - the benefits for Australia
        Urban heat island formation
                A hot topic
        Koala Beach Development
                Koala Beach - visionary development where wildlife AND humans harmoniously share habitat
        Not in my back yard - I don't have one!
                The Aussie back yard - an endangered species?
        Back Yard Blues
                Going, going, .....
        The life and death of the Australian backyard
                What's happening to the Australian laid back lifestyle?
        Indoor plants - low tech high quality air purification
                Indoor plants - low tech high quality air purification
        Brain wave - the psychological impact of plants
                Brain wave - the psychological impact of plants
Burning Issues
        The fire prone Kimberley (series)
                Meet the Regional Fire Coordinator for the Kimberley
                La Nina meets the fiery north
                Fire scar history maps
                Up front burner
                Enhanced fire management through indigenous community involvement
                Northen Australia Fire Managers' Forum
                Kimberley 2008-09 fire report
                Sparking reduced greenhouse gases
                New meets old - Kimberley strategic fire management
                Kimberley wildfires - not your ordinary bushfire
        People and bushfires (series)
                Ignorance isn't bliss
                The Understanding Communities bushfire specific program
                Understanding Communities program: Tambourine Mountain Case Study
                A fitting focus
                Animal attachments and natural disasters
        A Future in Flames (series)
                Back to the Future
                Can we be be prepared - psychologically?
                Fire and the landscape
        Where there's smoke...
                Where there's smoke...
        The burning bush
                The burning bush
        To burn or not to burn...
                To burn or not to burn...
        A flaming success - how native trees play the system
                A flaming success - how native trees play the system
        Smoking out regrowth
                Smoking out regrowth
        Planting with fire safety in mind
                Choosing plants and landscaping to reduce bushfire risks
        Global burning
                Global burning
        People and fire
        Understanding Communities Living with Bushfires
Climate Colossus menaced by meddling Mankind
        Urban heat island formation
                A hot topic
        2016: A climate for change?
                2016: A climate for change?
        The role of oceans
                Why water temperatures will continue to rise
        The real weather makers
                The rock and roll of our tipsy Earth
        All about ENSO
                More unpredictable effects of climate change
        Frogs and climate change
                Will Australian frogs croak it under climate change?
        Breaking the ice
                Modern mankind's meltdown?
        Stormy Weather: Climate Change and Human Displacement
                Tuvalu - two metres above a rising sea level
        Why sea levels are far from level
                Sea levels - about as level as the proverbial playing field
                Why sea levels are far from level
Citizen Science
        FATS data and Gazetting Wallingat National Park contribution
                Night Watch
        Something new and different:Hollows as Homes project Australia wide
                Home truths
        Surveys of large urban birds
                Sulphur Crested Cockatoo and Australian White Ibis
                The Australian White Ibis wing tag research in Sydney
                Brush Turkey join the Wingtags flock
                New Settlers
                Ibis and people in parks: who interacts with whom?
                How are our birds of prey faring
        BowerBird Social Science Website (series)
                BowerBird: introducing our first social science network
                How BowerBird supports Citizen Science
                Different Citizen Science roles
                Down to Earth Science
        People power: a valuable scientific resource
                People power: a valuable scientific resource
        Blue Cloud Spatial comes to the Kimberley
                Putting citizen science on the map
        The Barbara Hardy Centre for Sustainable Urban Environments
                Citizen Science in action
        People power in environmental research
                People power in environmental research
        The great birdbath data collection project (series)
                Griffith University's birdbath project gets underway
                Birdbath study goes national
                What were the study's findings?
        The Australian Bird Feeding and Watering Study
                Poll position
Coal and Coal Seam Gas
        Coal seam gas extraction in New South Wales (series)
                At the coalface
                Nagging doubts
                A battle won in St Peters?
                Fracking fracas
                Potential impacts of coal seam gas extraction
                It can't be true! Coal seam gas extraction in Sydney
                All is not well
                Waste Land
        The Pilliga Forest NSW (series)
                Coal seam gas extraction in the Pilliga Forest
                The Pilliga: State Forest or CSG precinct?
                What a racket!
                Clear Off!
                Up the creek
                Dam shame
                An unwelcome development
        Is coal killing Australia? (series)
                Sydney's water supply undermined
                Sold down the river
                An unequal battle: small rural communities versus the coal industry
                Indignant and digging in!
                Grave digging in the Galilee Basin
Creative conservation in action: innovative and adaptable
        Documentary: Creative Conservation in action: innovative and practical
                Three outstanding Australian conservation programs
        Scent Packing: behavioural methods to reduce impacts of invasive species on native fauna
                Scent Packing
        Taking Cane Toads off the dinner menu (new series)
                Training toad smart quolls
                A matter of taste
        Taking the very first steps: extinct to extant (new series)
                The quest for the Night Parrot
                Where it began
        The Tammar Wallaby project
                A great hop forward - the Tammar Wallaby project
        New strategies for the Corroboree frog
                A mountain to climb (down?)
        On the right track: the saga of the Regent Honeyeater
                Introducing the Regent Honeyeater
                The 2013 Captive release program at Chiltern in NE Victoria
                Week 18 of the 2013 Captive Release
                November 2013: people power released
        Goulds Petrel: a long term success story
                Goulds Petrel success story
        Out of the ark
                Can we save the Tasmanian Devil from extinction?
        Pygmy possum magic
                Mountain Pygmy-possums
        Koala Crossroad
                Safe passage for koalas
                Crossover benefits - for all
        Lion-hearted efforts
                Ewaso Lions Project, northern Kenya
        European leadership in fauna crossings
                Safer more permeable roads
        The amazing Compton Road fauna crossing complex (series)
                Early days and early success
                2010: five years evolution on the Compton Road fauna crossings
                On the road to success
Ecosystem services: priceless!
        Pollination Bugs
        Nectar and flowers: high energy costs of sex in the seedy life of plants
                Recycling plant
        More to sea - invasive marine species
                Impacts of invasive marine species
        How much water is enough?
                Essential flows for Narran Lakes
        How are ecosystem services evaluated? (Series)
                Measuring ecosystem services for streams
                Who's doing what with ecosystem services in Australia?
                Evaluating ecosystem services - a multidimensional process
        Taking Stock of Ocean Productivity
                Taking Stock of Ocean Productivity
        Seagrass meadows and mangrove forests (Series)
                Keep off the (sea)grass
                Blue carbon biosequestration
                True blue carbon capture
                Aquatic nurseries, sediment stabilisers and carbon sequesters
                Measuring disruption of seagrass beds without destroying a blade of it
                Mangrove forests
                More about marvellous mangroves
                See also.....
        Ecotoxicity in waterways (Series)
                Evaluating ecotoxicity in water ways Part I
                Evaluating ecotoxicity in water ways Part II
                Measuring ecotoxicity in water ways with Mayflies
        Wildlife, wind and solar farms
                Wildlife impacts from solar or wind farms
        NEGative Resistance
                NEGative Resistance
        Price Fixing
                Price Fixing
        The Generation Gap
                The Generation Gap
        Power to the People
                Power to the People
        Powering up battery energy storage
                New technologies new power base
        The electric vehicle saga
                The electric car saga
        Power politics and the SA Black System in 2016
                What caused the Black System in South Australia
        Practical power policies not politics please
                What price power and why
        Switched on solar research
                Forty percent efficiency and rising
                Turning the lights on for solar power stations
        Some good news for renewables
                Greening the grid
                Great Australian global warming myths
                Clean energy for eternity
                Three good reasons NOT to go nuclear
                The key is the electricity GRID - juggler extraordinaire!
                A Job half done? The Owen Report into NSW energy needs
                Public or private? The NSW electricity issue
                Smart meters - a bright spark on the horizon?
                Future shock - where are we going with renewables?
                Some good news for renewables
                So - go renewable!
        Be part of the lighting revolution (series)
                Getting it right: the LED lighting revolution
                LE(a)Ding the way to energy efficient lighting
                Energy efficient lighting makes economic sense
                The light fantastic
                Switched on to LED lighting
        Wind power (series)
                The answer is blowin in the wind
                November 2012 update on windfarms
                Who needs small solar and wind electricity generation systems in Australia?
                Myths about the perils of wind power
                Wind break
                Wind up
                Power plant(s)
                Biofuels from pond algae ....there's a deeper solution
                Oil from seawater, sunlight, microalgae and carbon dioxide
                Phase three biofuel production: farming oil rich algae in saline ponds
                What's going on with biodiesel?
        Coal seam gas (link to series)
                coal seam gas
        Unexpected outcomes: the energy-water nexus in NSW
                Why good water and electricity policies must be linked
        All about domestic solar systems
                The power comes from within
Environmental Law - more than just an act?
        Lock the Gate
                Arresting developments
        Is mining above the law (Series)
                Regulatory Capture: who regulates the regulators?
                Bimblebox - a dangerous precedent?
                Ground rules for groundwork with CSG exploration
                Are environmental offsets the answer?
                An 'off' Offset?
                Gate crashers
                Mine shaft
        The growing power of nonviolent direct action (Series)
                2014: Active voice
                2013: Some recent successes against coal and CSG
                Part 1: What nonviolent direct action entails
                Part 2: Essential preparation for NVDA
                Part 3: Legal aspects of NVDA
                Part 4: Making the most of the Media
        Environmental protest songs (Series)
                The Lurkers: band aid for social justice
                Serenade to a State Planning Minister
                Coal seam gas
                Singing to save the environment
        NSW Environmental Defenders Office: It's time to defend our defenders!
                Defending the Defenders
        Environmental campaigning (Series)
                What makes an effective environmental campaign
                Community campaigns can have an impact
                What stirs a person to active environmental campaigning - one man's story
                Strategies in Save the Kimberley's campaign for James Price Point
        Save Cronulla Fisheries Research Centre
                Another blow to quality research and management of wild fish stocks and habitat
        Stonewalling by Nature
                Gardens of Stone
                Coal scuttle
        Power against power
                Local community action goes national and international
        Clearing the air
                Clearing the Air
        Mine blowing
                Carbon emissions offset ruling for Ulan mine extension
        Introducing the Nature Conservation Council of New South Wales
                Natural causes
        The race to save our environment
                Nicola Markus introduces On Our Watch
        History of our Environmental Legislation
                On Our Watch
        Wildlife recovery plans
                Wildlife recovery plans
        Flying foxes and Botanic Gardens
                A case of not in my backyard?
                A moving tale
                A brief reprieve for the Sydney Botanic Gardens' colony
        Sydney's Flying Foxes - a cause in need of a campaign
                Flying Foxes versus Orchardists
        Humane Society International
                Conservation and animal welfare in action internationally
        Flying foxes and the law
                The right mix
Environmental songs worth singing
Environmental volunteers: invaluable but undervalued
        Sutherland Shire Council's Bushcare programs
        Conservation Volunteers Australia
        Greening Australia
        Citizen Science (series)
Factory farming and industrialised agriculture: not to everyone's taste
        Industrialised agriculture
                Putting the farmer back into farming - how crazy is THAT!
                Hawkesbury Harvest: connecting people with local farmers
                Rude shock - food shock
                Fertile Soils - in more ways than one
                Market share: the growth of farmers' markets
        Hens deserve better
                Cheep Shot
                Victory snatched at the finish line
                Consumer Alert and action needed!
                A Defining Moment: The ACCC to the rescue
                Are two hens per square metre free ranging?
                Hens deserve better
                Shocking stocking densities being pushed for profit
                Within range
                Redefining 'free range'
                Good eggs
        Pig tales
                Pig tales
                Pig ignorant
Fish tales
        Shark alert: primaeval predators in need of protection (series)
                Can captive bred sharks survive in the wild?
                Australian shark tagging and tracking research
                How dangerous are sharks?
                Shark nets part I: a pragmatic point of view
                Shark nets part II: adding drum lines to the mix
                Sharks: perfectly constructed for predation
                The social life of sharks
                Diving with sharks
                Relatives of sharks: skates and rays
                Shark attacks and sheep ships: a curious correlation?
        Fish parenting: parents know best
                Balancing act
        Breeding obvious - protecting migratory fish
                Breeding obvious - protecting migratory fish
        Breeding like rabbits?
                Breeding like rabbits?
        The catch about fishing is...
                Fishes experience pain
        A new angle on fish research
                Talking fish
                Reeling in the problems
        What has sustainability to do with the price of fish?
                Production and trade of canned tuna
        vagrants and climate change
                No small change
        Australia's delightful sea dragons
                Dragons in name alone
        Developing criteria for sustainable Australian fisheries
                A positive approach to assessing sustainability
        Sounds of sea creatures
                Sounding out fish communication
                Aquaculture: a very fishy business
        Fish-friendly farming
                Fish-friendly farming
        What's happening to our native freshwater fishes?
                What's happening to our native freshwater fishes?
        Something to Carp about
                Something to Carp about
        Pushing the boundaries in pest management
                Pushing the boundaries in pest management
        Do fish sleep? Waking up to new research
                Does life in a fish bowl need downtime?
        How Smart ARE Fish (series)
                More about Culum and this series
                The scale of fish thinking
                Brain lateralisation...so - are there right and left finned fish?
                Space craft: exceptional spatial learning abilities in fishes
                What can fish hear and how well?
                First Pavlov and his dogs - now Culum's fishes
                What do fishes see and is it in 'colour'?
                Do fishes have personality?
                Complex social behaviours take intelligence
        The links between fish personality, behaviour and survival (series)
                Fish personality and behaviour
                Temperature effects on fish personality and behaviour
                Bold and brash or shy and smart?
Forests and trees - much more than wood
        Water usage in trees
                Wildfire, water and eucalypts
                How much water do trees need?
        How forests influence the environment
                How forests influence the environment
        The not so defenceless plants (series)
                Deer deer - how plants fight back
                The curious case of Acacia peuce
                How plants defend themselves
                Inside information
        Sophisticated plant communication systems
                Time signals
        Bush regeneration and biodiversity
                Victory for the Blue Gum High Forest
                Environmental consultancy industry
                A Comprehensive Approach to Managing Biodiversity in the Blue Mountains
        The Eureka Stockade of the Forest Movement
                Australia's first forestry blockade
        Blast Mount Etna
                Destruction of the Mount Etna Bat Caves
General Interest
        unbelievable = environmental and mining success and community support in a small rural town
        Animal ethics or Critical thinking?
                Critical thought: what is it?
        Animals self regulate nutritional needs
                Food regulation
        Fur or feathers?
                Unique evolutionary cover drives
        Left and right of the animal brain
                Left and right of the animal brain
                Wagging School
        Life on Earth (new series commenced March 2016)
        The Art of Science
                Animated Science
                A walk through Living Data
        Remote sensing - Earth surveyors in action
                Earth surveyors in action
        Remote sensing - climate change and semi arid ecosystems
                Climate change threshold in semi arid regions
        Eco-Schools arrives in Australia
                An Eco-School of Thought
        Eco-Schools in Australia: exciting progress from the first year
                Enviromental values
        Classroom chicken hatching activities
                Are they appropriate?
        The mysterious mollusc shell
                Going from strength to strength
        The ancient Jellyfish
                Those Blooming Jellyfish
        A Degree of Sustainability
                Sustainability Central
        Animals in Ancient Egyptian Art
                Cracking the code
                Arty facts: animal docos carved in stone?
                A real find
                A pet theory
        Animals, People: a shared environment
                Animals, people: a shared environment
                Post Conference debrief
        Red Sea Jewel
                Managing water sustainably in agriculture
                Marine conservation in the Red Sea
                Sustainable ecotourism in a fragile extreme environment
        Earth's last pristine ocean
                The Ross Sea: one last chance to get it right
        The Crystal Desert
                Antarctica: the land that pollution forgot
        Populate and?/or? Perish (Series)
                It's not just fossil fuels that produce greenhouse gases
                Australia's carbon emissions/population conundrum
                Popular population myths (new series)
                The hit and myth approach to population growth
                Hit and myth population policies part III
        Arthur White in search of fossils in New Zealand
                A fossil treasure trove in NZ
        The demise of horned turtles on Vanuatu
                No match for mankind
        Coping with natural disasters
                Very different hazards but often similar issues for community preparation and recovery
        Abalone and metal pollution
                Is the Abalone yet another Canary in the Mine contender?
        28 million and rising - Australia's feral pig problem
                28 million and rising - Australia's feral pig problem
Island Sanctuaries
        Lion Island
                Lion Honours
        Tracking our wedge-tailed shearwaters
                Shear determination
        The next big thing
                Five Islands rehabilitation project
                Five Star Island
        Sniffer Detection Dogs in protecting threatened wildlife
                An important conservation role for sniffer detection dogs
        White-faced storm-petrel
                Do the white thing
        Lord Howe Island (series)
                At last: Lord Howe Island rodent eradication program approved
                The Wood-feeding Cockroach another black rat casualty
                Back from the Dead: Lord Howe Island Phasmids
                Currawongs - the lions of Lord Howe
                The rat race – recovering island ecology
                How(e) to win the rat race - recovering island ecology
                A Glowing Report - Lord Howe rodent eradication update
        Tracking down Petrel de Gould
                Tracking down Petrel de Gould
        Petrel de Gould - one year down the track
                All at sea
        First world conference on seabirds
                In the wings
        The critically endangered Fiji Petrel (series)
                The good oil on the Fiji Petrel - back from the brink of extinction?
                A searching matter
        Broughton Island (series)
                Planning the Broughton Island rescue
                Broughton Island’s recovery is well under way
        Montague Island (series)
                Petrel in the engine
                Montague Island Restoration
                Mouse eradication on Montague Island
                Successful rodent eradication on Brush and Montague Islands
        The moonscape that is Phillip Island (series)
                Phillip Island restoration 2017
                Island Sanctuaries
                Restoration of Phillip Island
                Conflicts in island recoveries
        Surveying our seabirds
                Australasian Seabird Group survey has some exciting finds
        2009 Australasian Ornithological Conference in Armidale
                Nicholas Carlile reports on the 2009 AOC
        Wings of a Seabird
        Island sanctuaries updates
                Update Part I: April/May 2009
                Update Part II: May 2009
                June 2009 - The Bermuda Cahow
        Translocation - building an island sanctuary for Goulds Petrel
        Translocation - a mainland sanctuary for Little Penguins
                Store Beach Sydney - the return of the Little Penguin colony
        From the ashes of extinction -the Bermuda Petrel
                The Bermuda Petrel
Key threatening processes
        Cinnamon fungus
                Cinnamon fungus: Nasty nature
        Myrtle fungus
                Another unwelcome import
        Feral honey bees: a sting in the tale
                Feral honey bees: a sting in the tale
        Garden escapees
                Garden escapees at large
        Vines and scramblers
                A growing problem - vines and scramblers
Kimberley Challenges
        Environs Kimberley: 20 years of environmental community action
                A force of Nature
        Shale gas - another fracking threat for the Kimberley
                Not well grounded
        Aboriginal ranger groups
                Indigenous ranger groups in the Kimberley
        The one and only Roebuck Bay (Series)
                A marine park for Roebuck Bay!
                Roebuck Bay Snubfin dolphins
                Net gain for Roebuck Bay
                A Blooming Good Project!
                Roebuck Bay Working Group in action
                Seagrass monitoring on Roebuck Bay
        Australian Conservation Foundation and the Kimberley
                Protecting the natural and cultural values of the Kimberley
        Why industrialise our last prinstine wilderness?
                Would we let this happen to the Great Barrier Reef?
        Foresight for shore
                Kimberley Science and Conservation Strategy
        Sustainable tourism Kimberley style (Series)
                Why the Kimberley requires sustainable tourism
                Sustainable and indigenous tourism in Western Australia
        The ongoing saga to save James Price Point (series)
                James Price Point aftermath
                Finally - positive Price fixing!
                Any port in a storm: proposed dredging at James Price Point
                A positive wet blanket?
                A positive start to 2012
                A world track record
                What a gas find! Bilbies at JPP
                Short Sited – the struggle to save a pristine wilderness in The Kimberley
                Could 30 years of profit balance destruction of a rare and ancient wilderness
                What price James Price Point?
        The fire prone Kimberley
        The mighty Fitzroy River
                The fight for the Fitzroy River
                Fitzroy River Fishway
        Sustainable pearl farming
                The jewel of animal husbandry
                Shell be right
        Kimberley Marine Research Station
                A real pearler for marine research!
                SKIPAs: a site to behold
        Disease surveillance and welfare of Kimberley livestock
                Overseeing Kimberley livestock health and welfare
        Future Island Sanctuaries?
                Potential havens free from the threat of the Cane Toad invasion
        The fight for the Fitzroy River
        Rubber vine in the Kimberley
                Winning the battle with a weed of national significance
        The Dampier Peninsula Monsoonal Vine Thickets
                A unique ecosystem network
        Introducing some regional reptilia
                Salties and their freshwater cousins
                The lowdown on local snakes
        Dealing with feral and unmanaged stock in a Conservation Park
                The King Leopold Range Conservation Park is still home to feral and unmanaged stock
        Undermining with overmining
                Undermining by overmining
        Just whose land IS it?
                Just whose land IS it?
        A town like - Broome? Unlikely!
                A town like Broome?
        Taming the Kimberley
                Lessons to learn from history
        A sustainable development model?
                Addressing cultural, economic and environmental concerns
Land and coast care
        The UWA Future Farm 2050 Project
                A real world sustainable and profitable farming program Part I
                Part II: restoring biodiversity in sustainable farming
                Part III: Clean, green and ethical farming
        Ghost nets: sprawling killers strangling the oceans
                Floating a good idea - the scourge of ghost nets
                Megaplastic problem for ocean and coast
                WAP 2018: Net results
        Temperate Grasslands
                Greener pastures
                FOG: Friends of Grasslands
                 Making a good recovery
        Environmental risk assessment and management
                Environmental risk assessment and management
        Saving an urban catchment area
                Saving an urban catchment area
        Private Landholder Voluntary Conservation Agreements (series)
                HSI's Private Landholder Conservation Grants
                Protection for bushland in perpetuity
        Inland floodplain wetlands
                Inland floodplain wetlands - from a whole of landscape perspective
        Christmas bells
                The declining presence of Christmas Bells
Lasting love affairs with the natural world
        Dr John Kaye
                Dr John Kaye
        Nancy Pallin - a champion of conservation
                Nancy Pallin: A champion of conservation
        Lesley Rogers: the leading light of visual laterality
                Lateral thinking
        All about Chris Hassell
                All about Chris Hassell
        From Austria to Australia with Ann Goeth
                From Austria to Australia with Ann Goeth
        Darryl Jones: talking turkey about wildlife
                Darryl Jones: talking turkey about urban wildlife
        Nicholas Carlile - turning dream to reality
                Nicholas Carlile - turning dream to reality
        Arthur White - the fascination of frogs, fossils and all fauna
                Arthur White: the fascination of fossils, frogs and all fauna
        K-lynn Smith: connecting biology with technology - one researcher's journey into science.
                K-lynn Smith: connecting biology with technology
Life on Earth
        Life on Earth I
                Life on Earth Part 1
        Life on Earth II
                Life on Earth Part 2
                Earth's longest lifelines
                Earth's earliest architects
        Mars - dead or alive?
                Martian volcanoes and water
Multitudinous micro-organisms
        Commonsense and the kitchen sink
                Wishful thinking
        Exploring ecosystems in our mouths
                Gob smacked
        Miniature ecosystems - bacteria and biofilms
                Miniature ecosystems - bacteria and biofilms
                Bacteria and biofilms part I
                Bacteria and biofilms part II
        The positive power of biofilms
                The positive power of biofilms
        A jungle in every drop of sea water?
                Sea water under the microscope
        Punching above their weight
                Punching above their weight
        Sea Ice Algae
More Australian marsupials, monotremes and placental rats
        The dinnertime dilemma for Brushtail possums (series)
                Should I stay or should I go now
                Personal development
                Possum personality
                A Niche Industry
        Browsing success - swamp wallabies (series)
                Sweet smell of success
                Subtle plant defences against herbivores
                Making sense of smell
        Antechinus: Small Wonders
                Small Wonders
        Numbats at critical numbers
                World Numbat Day
        The Australian rat race
                The Australian Rat Race
        Our very secretive platypus
                One native species that seems to be coping quite well
                Another cryptic Australian critter
        Echidnas - spikey and cuddly (apparently)
                Solitary but successful
                Litle Aussie Diggers
        The Australian way: 50,000 years of Mammal Extinctions Part 1
                50,000 years of mammal extinctions
        The Australian way: 50,000 years of Mammal Extinctions Part 2
                Enter: Europeans, cats and foxes
Road Ecology: a fancy name for Road Kill
        The Compton Road fauna crossings
                The Compton Road fauna crossings
        How to deal with road kill
                How to deal with road kill
        Fence me in - Wakehurst Parkway success
                Fence me in - Wakehurst Parkway success
        It's a trap!
                It's a trap!
        Modelling survival of wombats on the Snowy Highway
                Modelling survival of wombats on the Snowy Mountains Highway
        Roadkill impacts on populations in protected areas
                Using a common species to predict wildlife survival
        Ten years of road kill in NSW
                Ten years of road kill in NSW
Ramsar listed Wetlands of International Importance
        How does a site become a Ramsar listed wetland?
                Introduction to the Ramsar Convention and its goals
        Roebuck Bay (series) on the Kimberley coast
                Broome Bird Observatory - Australia's premier sea perch
                Why so biodiverse? Rich pickings in the Roebuck Bay mud
                Life along land's edge
                Left behind? Shorebirds at Roebuck Bay in winter
                Feeding styles at Roebuck Bay
                Net profit - a volunteer's day
                How are the seagrasses faring?
        Werribee Wetlands Victoria
                Getting the treatment - the Werribee success
                Research at the Werribee wetlands
        Saemangeum mudflats South Korea
                The Saemangeum Saga
        The thirsty Coorong
                Five years without river water
        2008 Ramsar meeting, South Korea
                Ramsar meeting in South Korea 2008
                Danny Rogers reports some positive initiatives
                Ramsar conference wrap up with Ken Gosbell
Sea Change(s)
        Diving into Science with the Underwater Research Group of NSW (series commenced 2017)
                Understatement: Introducing the URG of NSW
                The early days: 1950s and 60s
                Diving suits: growing up with the URG
                1960s forward: Advances in gear and exploration
                Clarrie Lawler: a leading light
                Deep Space: Life down under
                Still Waters
                Seeking Sanctuary
                Water craft
                Sea Monster
                High Watermark
        A very fine Port: Sydney Harbour
                A very fine Port
        The impact of floods on the Moreton Bay ecosystem
                A flood of ideas
        Some current changes
                Current research
        Nemo not the only one to take a ride on the EAC
                Vagrants who take a southerly sea change
        Ocean acidification
                The effects of ocean acidification
                Ocean acidification impacts reef fish as well as corals
        The puzzle of coral bleaching (series)
                Bleaching resistant Kimberley corals?
                Kimberley corals part 2
                Coral and climate change: are we winning or losing?
                Why can't corals cope with rising water temperatures?
        From oil rig to reef
                From grief to reef
        Coral and climate change: are we winning or losing?
        Climate change: a growing problem for intertidal rock platform ecosystems
                A growing problem
        Managing reefs to maximise their survival
                Managing reefs to maximise their survival
        Sea Change(s) - Misc
                Sea Ice Algae
                Why rising temperatures kill coral
                The inside story on coral bleaching
        Corals and rising ocean temperatures
Sustainability? What IS it??
        Sustainability includes....
                .... just trying to live within the means of our planet
                and also...
                Reversing resource debt....
                Our Future is Now
                Regenerative Agriculture: growth industry
                The long shadow of the livestock industry
                Drought proofing
        Sustainable Drought proofing designs
        Sustainable Design (Continuing Series)
                A new working order Sustainable Design Part One
                Sustainable Design Part II: New Designer Genes
                Sustainable Design Part III
                Sustainable Design Part IV
        Seed banks: essential for preserving plant stock biodiversity
                Sowing circle
                Preserving plant and seed stock biodiversity
        the home garden for food production
Seasons, cycles and soils: connecting with Nature
        Down to earth
                Down to earth
        Scrutinising the soil
                Scrutinising the soil
        Making a start
                Making a start
        Feeding the soil
                Super humus and compost tea
        A biodiverse AND edible garden
                Biodiversity in an edible landscape
        Wicking beds
                A great Australian innovation for conserving water
        Adding colour, movement and FUN
                More than plants are at home in the garden
        Getting well and truly soiled!
                Three earthy tales from Costa's odyssey
        Blooming Community Gardens (series)
                They're popping up all over Australia
                What's a community garden worth?
                The Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network
        Not a waste
                Compost it don't waste it
        Lessons in life
                Lessons in life
Toxic Shocks
        Contamination examination
                Contamination examination
        Does that stack up for Orica?
                Something in the air
        Atrazine - more toxic than the DDT it replaced
                Atrazine update June 2009
        Croaking it - a new threat from atrazine
                Croaking it - a new threat from atrazine
        Poisons without passports - the impact on Tasmanian Devils
                Poisons without passports - the impact on Tasmanian Devils
        The dirty dangerous dioxins
                Fact: dioxins are deadly dangerous; fiction: paper can't be made without dioxin production
        WEEE and RoHS compliance
                Fancy a WEEE RoHS
        WEEE and ROHS update
                A positive case of self regulation in Australia
Venoms and Toxins
        The Australian Paralysis Tick
        Toxic marine microbes
        Ticked off
        Venoms for all reasons
        Adding up the toxins
        Monitoring goanna venoms
        Australian snakes - very venomous but so few deaths
        Are snake venoms toxic to snakes?
        Ecofriendly insecticides from spider venom?
Waste Not!
        Waste water management
                Waste water cycle
        Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre
                Kimbriki's four Rs for sustainable waste management
        Good Riddance
                Sydney's middens - great storehouses of history recycled as mortar by the first white settlers
                Miasma, murk and mess
                Dumping at sea
                Incinerators - or waste destructors
                The burning years 1937 - 1952: Mosman's incinerator
                Tips and trouble
                A city in trouble
                The Black Lagoon Goes Green - Curl Curl
                Too toxic for the tip
                Tip Top Tip - the Kimbriki story
                Golf Clubs: landscaping with waste
        A ringing endorsement
                The You(th)Can(cer) campaign for recycling mobile phones
        Power drinks
                Power drinks - why the beverage industry dislikes container deposit schemes
        Methane menace
                Tips about methane from tips
        Compost Awareness Week
                Compost Awareness Week
        EcoLogic Exhibition becomes rural resource kit
                A flexible resource for rural communities
        RenewNSW - turning rubbish to resources
        RenewNSW - Waste to Art
                Waste to Art exhibition in regional NSW
        RenewNSW - the latest news
                RenewNSW - the latest news
Water for All, Forever
        Tools of the trade: measuring river water needs
                Tools of the trade: how do we measure how much water a river needs?
        Tools of the trade: measuring river health
                Tools of the trade: how can we measure river health?
        Rivers: part of the landscape
                Rivers: different shapes in different landscapes
        Good times and bad
                Good times and bad
        Rivers, rainfall and run off
                A flood of ideas
        Bonding with water (series)
                Why water likes to be liquid
                0 to 100 degrees C - a wide ranging liquid
                Turning water into ice or steam
                Sweating it out
                Why does salt dissolve in water but not in kero?
                Ice - not so dense
                Persuading oil to dissolve in water
                Dissolving gases in water
                Why is water 'neutral' and not an acid or an alkali
                pH - what is it?
        Poor polluted Cooks River
                In the Swim
        A sensitive approach
                A sensitive approach
        Pesticide residues in rivers
                What are safe levels of pesticide residues for freshwater invertebrate ecosystems?
        The Great Artesian Basin and other sedimentary sagas
                The Great Artesian Basin: more than the eye can sea
                A new minefield
                Whose subside are you on?
                Earth shattering: mining induced seismic activity
        The Murray Darling Basin
                A draft plan for the Murray Darling Basin
                Is this a one in 20 year flood?
                The Murray Darling: basin or basket case?
        More dam water problems in NSW
                From the Hunter to the Snowy
                Tillegra update - one dam problem solved
        Adelaide: Water of a City
                Adelaide: Water of a City
        Water infrastructure investments
                Massive investments that are not climate dependent
        Advances in desalination technology
                Advances in desalination technology
        Protecting our river systems
                Protecting our river systems
        Wild Idea – Queensland’s Rivers Protection
                Wild Rivers are only wild once
        Lake Eyre and the renewal of floods
                Lake Eyre and the renewal of floods
        Different kinds of rivers
                Looking at the main stream - among others
        Ten proposals to secure the Central Coast water supply
        Water allocations and river regulation
                Water allocations and river regulation
Wildlife in the Cities
        The amazing Compton Road Fauna Crossing
                The amazing Compton Road Fauna Crossing
                New Settlers
        Griffith University: National Birdbath project
        Who feed the wildlife - and why? (series)
                The irresistable attraction of the urban duck pond
                Backyard bird feeding: a national pastime
                Feeding wildlife - more than just a national pastime
                Backyard bird feeding: a natural attraction?
                Feeding wild birds: when did it start?
                The mything link
                Bird feeding bible: The Birds at My Table
                A new kind of bookmaker
                Publishing a popular science book I
                Publishing a popular science book II
        Common (Indian) Myna birds
                A Myna point
                Clearing bush has created Myna heaven
        Brash city brawlers: Rainbow Lorikeets
                Ruling the roost
                Brash city brawlers: Rainbow Lorikeets
        Road sense for small birds
                Road sense for small birds
        Koala Crossroad
                Safe passage for Koalas has been placed in the Road Ecology: a fancy name for Road Kill category on the website
        Ravens and crows: black, beautiful and very, very bright
                Ravens and crows: black, beautiful and very, very bright
        Magpie swoops
                The who, when, where and maybe why of this bold breeding behaviour
        The Brush Turkey - another successful urban survivor
                Are Brush Turkeys taking over or just taking back?
        Bandicoots, Brush Turkeys and Swamp Wallabies
                Bandicoots, Brush Turkeys and Swamp Wallabies
        Suburban sanctuaries the NZ way
                Not sitting on the fence – urban conservation fights back
        Saving the Kereru in New Zealand
                Possum tragic – saving the Kereru in New Zealand
        City dwelling Birds of Prey
                City dwelling Birds of Prey
        The not so Sacred Ibis
        How well are native aquatic reptiles surviving in urban environments?
                Some thriving native aquatic reptiles
        Where have our small mammals gone?
                Where have our small mammals gone?
        How drought affects wildlife in the cities
                Drought brings new city dwellers who may decide to stay
Wildlife health and survival
        Wombats: wilful cousins of koalas? (series)
                A sorry site: Glenbog State Forest
                Living on burrowed time?
                Wombats and Sarcoptic Mange
        Top dogs: Fraser Island Dingoes (series)
                Fraser Island Dingoes: worth conserving
                The Fraser Island Dingo Management Strategy review
                Out of the doghouse: new directions for FIDMS
                Paws for thought
                Face value
                Dogged determination
        The Australian Koala Foundation
                The Bear facts
        The case for compassionate conservation
                Is recreational hunting defensible?
        H5N1 Avian Flu and Australian wild birds
                H5N1 Avian Flu - good news for migratory travellers!
        Fed up to the gills
                Fed up to the gills
                More sea lion and dolphin gill net deaths
        A little chat
                Survival problems for the once common White-fronted chat
        The Western Swamp Tortoise
                Good news for Australia's rarest reptile
        An invasive frog tapeworm
                Meet Spirometra 21st Century style
        Nearly foxed out - a new threat to flying foxes
                How are Queensland's flying foxes faring?
        Wildlife health surveillance
                Wildlife health surveillance
                Gutsy work
        Aftermath of a bushfire
                Rescue and rehabilitation of bushfire survivors
                Australian Geographic Society Bushfire Fundraiser
        Kimberley Wildlife Carers and Associates
                Kimberley Wildlife Carers and Associates
        Snow business - saving the Corroboree Frog
                Snow business - saving the Corroboree Frog
        Healesville Sanctuary - Australian Wildlife Health Centre
                Healesville Sanctuary - Australian Wildlife Health Centre
        Well bred - reestablishing bilbies in South Australia
                Well bred - reestablishing bilbies in South Australia
        Go wild for a breeding success
                Go wild for a breeding success
        Wildlife rescue in an inner city terrace
                A day in the life of a WIRES' volunteer
                WIRES more than just animal rescue and rehabilitation
        Surra: another unwanted exotic
                Surra: another unwanted exotic
        The complexities of rehabilitating orphaned Macropod joeys
                Rehabilitating joeys for successful release into the wild
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