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Good Riddance

While different generations adopted different approaches to ridding themselves of rubbish, it is difficult not to note unfortunate similarities in their attitudes to what constituted reasonable disposal. The sorry list includes….throwing slops into the back lane, into a nearby creek, off a handy cliff or into the sea; perhaps feeding rotting food (even dead horses) to pigs, filling in wetlands and swamps, towing it off shore or just plain incinerating it.

In more recent times, perhaps pressed by necessity and growing public awareness and concern, waste management has changed and is increasingly recognised as the source of many valuable resources. Recycling, reuse and energy production are replacing landfill.
Sadly, from an environmental point of view, this has come too late to prevent a significant loss of precious mangrove covered inlets, and of sand dunes and swamps filled with rubbish and now turned into playing fields.

In this series, Pauline (right) and Virginia (above) take us through the major stages and changes in waste management particularly in the northern beach areas of Sydney. 


Sydney's middens - great storehouses of history recycled as mortar by the first white settlers

Miasma, murk and mess

Dumping at sea

Incinerators - or waste destructors

The burning years 1937 - 1952: Mosman's incinerator

Tips and trouble

A city in trouble

The Black Lagoon Goes Green - Curl Curl

Too toxic for the tip

Tip Top Tip - the Kimbriki story

Golf Clubs: landscaping with waste


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