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Sustainability means....
Sustainability means trying to live within the means of our planet

.... just trying to live within the means of our planet
and also...

Light Switch: Dr Barry Manor, Sustainability Consultant, outlines some of the ways to achieve energy efficiency. One quick and easy way to save energy in the home is to convert lighting to the latest technology, LED lighting. Also known as solid state lighting, LED is a major advance in illumination. These lights are one of the reasons Australia’s energy use went down four or five years in a row. One advantage of upgrading lighting to LEDs is that they produce less waste heat, meaning less air conditioning power to keep your home comfortable. Saving energy is a win/win solution so it really is time to make a light switch.
Getting it right: the LED lighting revolution

Sometimes we get it right: the outstanding technology, the support of the community and organisations and the government developing essential, effective regulations.

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