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The puzzle of coral bleaching (series)
The causes and effects of these complex and often devastating changes are still being unravelled.
Bleaching resistant Kimberley corals?

Dr Verena Schoepf, from the University of Western Australia’s ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, explores the causes and effects of coral bleaching in one of the most stress-resistant corals of the world. These are from the Kimberley region where reef water temperatures vary by up to 7 degrees daily and reach up to 37 degrees for short periods of time.
Kimberley corals part 2

There has been widespread bleaching in the Kimberley this year which has been disheartening. One study site had 80-90% bleaching and aerial surveys of large areas of the Kimberley including Montgomery Reef showed 50% bleaching on almost all reefs. It is probably the first time that regional scale bleaching has occurred in the Kimberley. The local Aborigines confirm that they have never seen anything like this and it is not part of any stories told by the elders.
Coral and climate change: are we winning or losing?

How well are our corals coping with climate change? Coral reefs maintain a delicate balance between growth and erosion that is in danger of being tipped towards destruction.
Why can't corals cope with rising water temperatures?

Currently, there are many unknowns about the mechanisms of temperature increase on coral health and survival. However we are far clearer about one relevant factor – ocean temperatures … they have risen and are continuing to rise…..

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