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The Art of Science
Animated Science

Dr Lisa Roberts, Visiting Fellow in the School of Life Sciences at the University of Technology Sydney, outlines how she is bringing scientific data to light through drawing, dance and animation.
A walk through Living Data

On 20 August 2015 the Science Faculty at the University of Technology Sydney hosted a guided tour called A Walk through Living Data for the public. The evening was inspired by Dr Lisa Roberts and brought scientists and artists together to foster connections to better address some of the pressing issues now facing humanity....especially climate change. During the evening the scientists and artists presented their creative displays merging sci and art. By collaborating, scientists and artists appreciate that both endeavours are highly creative. Most of the displays were dependent on visual images and videos. However, Bill Gladstone’s descriptions of the intimate entanglement of art and science in his underwater images as a marine biologist were so evocatively described, that his word images alone conveyed much of his thoughts and emotions that related to the five photographs he presented.

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