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Temperate Grasslands
Greener pastures

Chris Watson, post graduate at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), is completing his PhD on temperate grasslands and has uncovered interesting facts in this field.  His ginterest is in the use of satellite technology to gather data on the land surface and improve ecological monitoring of landscapes.
FOG: Friends of Grasslands

Fog Light: Sarah Sharp, President of Friends of Grasslands (FOG), outlines the work that this 20 year old group does, shining a light on an overlooked ecosystem – grasslands. In many cases grasslands occur naturally where the temperature is so low that trees don’t grow. FOG began in 1994, growing out of a strong push in the 1990s to recognise grasslands as an important ecosystem. The commonwealth came up with a lot of money to investigate where grasslands were located and the actions required to aid their recovery and establishment of FOG was a part of those efforts. FOG's main aims are advocacy and education, especially when decisions that impact on grassy ecosystems are taken.
Making a good recovery

Dr Jamie Pittock, Associate Professor of Environment and Society at ANU, is also a volunteer project coordinator with the community organisation Friends of Grasslands (FOG) and explains some of their success in the Australian Capital Territory.

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