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Switched on solar research
Forty percent efficiency and rising

Dr Mark Keevers, Senior Research Fellow with the University of NSW School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering (SPREE) outlines recent improvements in photovoltaics and the impact on solar energy. SPREE has just achieved a world record of 40% efficiency for converting sunlight to electricity with a solar prototype submodule that uses concentrated sunlight.
Turning the lights on for solar power stations

Dr John Lasich, Chief Technical Officer for RayGen, switches the light on new technology for solar power, advances that lead to solar power stations. There are three challenges for renewable energy. It is dilute, conversion is inefficient and it is intermittent. RayGen has spent the last six years developing a new technology that uses the best features of solar energy, in this case mirrors that concentrate light onto a photovoltaic cell. This technology gives very high performance at a very low cost, addressing one of the main issues with renewable energy, its high cost due to its low efficiency.

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