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The mighty Fitzroy River
Environs Kimberley was initially formed to fight to protect the source of water and annual renewal for so much of the western Kimberley region. Proposals for damming, piping, irrigation continue to be mooted by developers and enthusiastic but distant politicians so the battle appears endless and requires ongoing vigilance and strong action from the concerned Kimberley communities.
The fight for the Fitzroy River

The Fitzroy River is the longest in The Kimberley, flowing 600km from the tablelands in the middle of the Kimberley down to King Sound near Derby in Western Australia. It has a high water flow, has close connections to native peoples in their Dreamtime stories and is home to some endangered fish species, such as the freshwater swordfish and the northern river shark.
Fitzroy River Fishway

Dr Gary Scott, Freshwater Campaigner for Environs Kimberley, takes us up close and personal with the Freshwater Sawfish and one of its preferred environments, the Fitzroy River.

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