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BowerBird Social Science Website (series)
BowerBird: introducing our first social science network

Dr Ken Walker, Senior Curator for Insects at Museum Victoria, uncovers the positive aspects of citizen science which has led to the website BowerBird.
How BowerBird supports Citizen Science

Dr Ken Walker, from Museum Victoria, outlines the importance of citizen science and how the Bowerbird project supports it. Since its inception in 2013, already important contributions to science are accumulating across the country.
Different Citizen Science roles

Applied Science:Dr Ken Walker, Senior Entomology Curator for Museum Victoria, discusses two approaches to citizen science, each with different goals. The "Directed" occurs when a scientist creates a project and seeks out volunteers to help collect data. For example, the project may be a survey focussed on a single, easily observed and identified animal, such as koalas or a rare bird or plant. The "Serendipitous" approach gathers data that expands our knowledge of biodiversity generally. It involves the unrestricted observations and recordings. This is the approach used on BowerBird which insists on the observation record to contain either an image or video or sound recording to provide corroborated evidence for the record, as well as location and date of recording.

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