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2014 Flying fox updates
How are our politically problematic flying foxes faring?

The politics of flying foxes becomes stark when you look at Queensland. There, the state had banned shooting because the flying foxes were not killed humanely under state environmental regulations. The new Liberal state government has overturned that regulation, removing the humane aspect explicitly only for flying foxes and issuing shooting licences for orchards. By contrast, the new Liberal state government in NSW promised to end the practice of shooting by June 2014 and with a new environment minister in Rob Stokes with a strong environmental background, Nick Edards from Batwatch has hope for a commitment to end shooting as a crop protection measure in the Sydney region.
September update: netting and shooting

A Grey Area: Nick Edards, from Batwatch, provides an update on moves to lessen the impacts of licenced shooting on Grey-headed flying foxes. These are the positive regional extension of 50% subsidies for farmers to net their orchards and the disappointing delay in the commitment to stop issuing licences to shoot Grey-headed flying foxes as a method of crop protection in the Sydney and Central Coast regions that was due to go ahead at the beginning of July 2014.

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