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Environmental protest songs (Series)
Never underestimate the power of stirring songs of protest! They are the ultimate nonviolent direct action that even the most passive or frail or timid can enjoy loudly, lustily and safely. This little series examines the qualities of effective protest songs and includes links to or examples of a growing number of moving Australian songs that will probably never be heard or seen on mainstream media.

But then there IS the home recording studio
and YouTube.....

not to mention new apps on smartphones
The Lurkers: band aid for social justice

Mim Jones, fiddle player in the band The Lurkers, explains how the band tries to support environmental causes. She describes the band’s style of music as subversive, home-spun bluegrass which gives rise to their protest songs, many with an environmental focus.
Serenade to a State Planning Minister

A timeless protest song: originally a workers' song from the 1930s in the USA, the lyrics can be changed to suit new social causes. Here the Ecopella choir adapted the lyrics to serenade a former NSW Planning Minister. That was in 2008. Sadly, very similar planning issues have again arisien in 2013/14.
Coal seam gas

A protest song that has everything: catchy melody, clever lyrics, competent musicians, a compelling message and HUMOUR!
Singing to save the environment

Kieran Roberts discusses some of the important features of many effective protest songs

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