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All about Chytrid
Pondering the ponds on Ash Island

The decline in populations of the iconic Green and Golden Bell frog across New South Wales is well known. Dr Arthur White, President of the NSW Frog and Tadpole Study Group is enthusiastic about a new project that could assist the iconic Green and Golden Bell Frog.
Chytrid and globalisation: another leap forward

Dr Arthur White, President of the NSW Frog and Tadpoles study group looks at  the recent groundbreaking workby Dr Lee Berger from James Cook University, on the chytrid fungus in frogs. Dr Burger was the first person to demonstrate that the chytrid fungus was not only the cause of disease in native frogs but was a world-wide pathogen that affected frogs throughout the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.
The Corroboree Frog

Frog Leap: Dr Arthur White explains efforts to locate possible environments for captive bred Corroboree frogs, a native of the Snowy Mountains.
Killing chytrid with a commercially available disinfectant

James Cook University scientists have found that two new commercially available disinfectants can kill the deadly chytrid fungus that has swept through Australian frog populations with disastrous results

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