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Animals in Ancient Egyptian Art
Cracking the code

Dr Linda Evans, from the Department of Ancient History at Macquarie University, draws on her experience with the depiction of animals and animal behaviour in ancient Egyptian tomb art and comes up with some surprising information about Egyptian knowledge in those areas.
Arty facts: animal docos carved in stone?

Dr Linda Evans delves further into the factual depiction of animals in ancient Egyptian art which reveals how carefully and accurately animal behaviour was observed and recorded.
A real find

Dr Linda Evans solves a puzzle about the depiction of animal mating practices shown in ancient Egyptian tomb art.
A pet theory

Did the ancient Egyptians keep animals for no purpose other than companionship, which is the modern definition of "pets"? Pets today have particular characteristics that separate them from non-pets. Dr Linda Evans looked into our modern characteristics of pets and considered them in terms of the ancient Egyptian evidence.

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