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Left and right of the animal brain
Left and right of the animal brain

Divided Brains: The Biology and Behaviour of Brain Asymmetries is written by the leading authorities in the field: Lesley J Rogers, Giorgio Vallortigara and Richard J Andrew. Their book is the first in-depth analysis of the topic and is written to appeal to a wide range of readers, not only scientists. It addresses lateralization of the brain from the perspective of Niko Tinbergen’s four questions: to look at the function, causation, development and evolution of brain laterality. In this interview, Professors Rogers and Vallortigara outline some important aspects of the book.
Wagging School

Professor Giorgio Vallortigara, from Trento University’s Centre for Mind/Brain Sciences, explores brain lateralisation and and how this manifests itself when dogs wag their tails when faced with positive or negative images (their owner or an aggressive dominant dog).

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