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Hens deserve better
Cheep Shot

Verna Simpson, Director with the Humane Society International (HSI) explains how it is back to square one when it comes to the standard for free range eggs. After nine years of hard slog and support from tens of thousands of concerned consumers and the ACCC, legislation defining fair free range stocking densities seemed assured. But political slight of hand in the final days seem to have created an outcome that is even less acceptable than that of a decade ago.. 
Victory snatched at the finish line

The long saga about free range hens and the small farmers responsible for bringing free range eggs to consumers is documented in the archival files below...similar to not counting chickens until they hatch ...but here....the number of birds to be squeezed into a hectare. 
Consumer Alert and action needed!

Free range hens regulations: It looks as if the final crunch time is later this month (June 2015). Will free range hens actually remain free range so that the increased cost to the consumer is legitimate AND maybe the hens are happy too! Time for one (hopefully) final surge of consumer activity and support for the Humane Society International alert to all our State Ministers for Fair Trading.
A Defining Moment: The ACCC to the rescue

Verna Simpson, from Humane Society International (HSI), brings the inside story of the decision by the ACCC to pursue industry standards for free range eggs. The ACCC is now going to ensure that there will be legislated standards for free range farms and free range eggs and will be following up complaints against farms and supermarkets. Genuine free range farms will benefit if the ACCC takes control, as will consumers who really do want genuine free range eggs. It will also create precedence that can be used to develop the same level of protection for other ‘free range’ livestock like pork, another issue important to the ethical consumer. It seems that those farms and organisations that want to flout the free range guidelines might well be in for a shock – shellshock.
Are two hens per square metre free ranging?

Lee McCosker, Chief Operating Officer for Humane Choice, collects the evidence on free range eggs labels and finds a system in need of change
Hens deserve better

Melina Tensen, Scientific Officer for Farm Animals with RSPCA Australia outlines a new campaign called Hens Deserve Better that aims to get egg-laying hens out of cages and to encourage consumers to stop buying cage eggs.
Shocking stocking densities being pushed for profit

Consumers strongly oppose moves to certify stocking densities of two chooks per square metre as 'free range'.
Lee McCosker, Chief Operating Officer with the organisation Humane Choice, updates the ongoing battle to redefine the term free range. The peak industry body for egg producers in Australia, the Australian Egg Corporation, proposed to increase the stocking densities for free range hens to 20,000 birds per hectare ( two birds per square metre), contrary to the code of practice that stipulated 1,500 birds per hectare (7sq metres for each bird).
Within range

Lee McCosker, Chief Operating Officer with Humane Choice, cracks open the interim decision by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) into changing the definition of the term “free range” in terms of poultry.
Redefining 'free range'

Lee McCosker from Humane Choice looks at the new stocking system that Coles is using for its in-house brand free range eggs. Although the national code of practice sets the bar at 1,500 birds per hectare for free range eggs, Coles' standard is 10,000 birds per hectare.
Good eggs

Melina Tensen, Senior Scientific Officer for Farm Animals with the RSPCA, reviews the Hens Deserve Better campaign and brings news of a major supermarket chain supporting a move away from cage laid eggs.

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