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Green roofs and walls (series)
New ideas for green roofs and walls

Ben Nicholson, a director of Groof Consulting, unearths the latest trends in green roofs and walls.
DIY green roof and wall projects

Home Base: Ben Nicholson, a director of Groof Consulting, looks into the do it yourself (DIY) prospects of green roofs and green walls that can be constructed cheaply using readily available household materials including aluminium baking trays and two litre plastic milk containers.
Green roofs - a new level for sustainable living

Ben Nicholson, a coordinator for Greenroofs Australia looks at the history of green roofs and their many benefits.
Green roofs - new technology from old

Professor Manfred Kohler, Chair of the World Green roof Infrastructure Network, discusses the many advantages of green roofs demonstrated in his native Germany.
Green roofs - the benefits for Australia

Professor Manfred Kohler from the University of Neubrandenburg in Germany and Jim Osborne, the NSW coordinator of Green Roofs Australia, look at the potential for green roofs to enhance Australian cityscapes.

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