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Industrialised agriculture
Putting the farmer back into farming - how crazy is THAT!

Joel Salatin, a passionate farmer, argues that it is far better to transform industrial agriculture than to maintain and feed the doom and gloom associated with such practices.  
Hawkesbury Harvest: connecting people with local farmers

Alan Eagle, secretary of Hawkesbury Harvest, explains the history of the organisation and the importance of linking consumers to local producers. While this not for profit, incorporated organisation is associated with several vibrant farmers' markets, the main aim is to encourage people to visit farms and to deal directly with producers at the farmgate. 
Rude shock - food shock

Di Loughnan, author of the book Food Shock considers accepted agricultural practice and products where, for example travel hardiness and shelf life are more important than flavour of the food we put in our mouths.
Fertile Soils - in more ways than one

Russ Grayson, Media Contact for the Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network, unearths some interesting facts on community gardens and their increasing popularity around Australia.
Market share: the growth of farmers' markets

Jane Adams, National Representative for the Australian Farmers' Markets Association, researched farmers’ markets in the United States in 1998 and began conducting workshops on farmers' markets in Orange in 1999. Here she takes an in-depth look at their success.

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