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The ongoing saga to save James Price Point (series)
James Price Point aftermath

Dale Jones explains her transition from enjoying a ten year career in construction engineering in the mining industry to the hardships of full time, active involvement in the long lasting and successful blockade of James Price Point, opposing Woodside’s proposed development of a gas hub at the Kimberley site. While that battle may have been won, it has already being replaced by the looming threat of shale gas and extensive fracking of the Roebuck Plains.
Finally - positive Price fixing!

No gas hub at James Price Point!
Any port in a storm: proposed dredging at James Price Point

Peter Robertson, the Wilderness Society Coordinator for Western Australia brings news of the latest developments at James Price Point, the proposed gas hub near Broome in the Kimberley.
A positive wet blanket?

Mark Jones, a Director of Save The Kimberley, outlines the latest political and financial developments surrounding the proposed gas hub at James Price Point while the imminent wet season may bring a welcome pause for reflection
A positive start to 2012

Martin Pritchard, Executive Director of Environs Kimberley, outlines the recent court decision that has stalled the proposed gas hub development at James Price Point.
A world track record

Will the world's most abundant and diverse record of dinosaur tracks and habitats receive the recognition and protection of a National Heritage listing? Or will these unique records in the Broome sandstone be shattered by industrialisation?
What a gas find! Bilbies at JPP

Malcolm Lindsay, an ecologist from Melbourne University, reports on the successes of an ecological survey he conducted into bilbies in the James Price Point area in The Kimberley.
Short Sited – the struggle to save a pristine wilderness in The Kimberley

Josh Coates (Kimberley Campaigner for the Wilderness Society in Western Australia), Piers Verstegen (Director of the Conservation Council of Western Australia) and Martin Pritchard (Director of Environs Kimberley) unravel the many twists and turns around the proposal to build a gas hub at James Price Point.
Could 30 years of profit balance destruction of a rare and ancient wilderness

What price James Price Point?

Martin Pritchard, Director of Environs Kimberley, talks about the proposed gas project at James Price Point in The Kimberley.

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