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The Pilliga Forest NSW (series)
Coal seam gas extraction in the Pilliga Forest

While the Pilliga Forest is protected from clearing and remains in tact, there is now a real threat to this area that comes from below the ground.
The Pilliga: State Forest or CSG precinct?

Why is coal seam gas exploration and mining permitted in The Pilliga. -  a State Forest that is supposed to belong to the people of NSW.
What a racket!

Community outrage at CSG company cover up and EPA inaction over toxic spills in the Pilliga Forest.
Clear Off!

Carmel Flint, from the Northern Inland Council for the Environment (NICE), discusses how the largest tract of temperate woodland left in eastern Australia, the Pilliga Forest near Narrabri, will be affected by a proposed expansion of coal seam gas mining.
Up the creek

Carmel Flint, from the Northern Inland Council for the Environment (NICE), outlines the water implications from coal seam gas mining, using the Pilliga forest as an example.
Dam shame

As a result of the painstaking 'detective' work of local farmer Tony Pickard, there is extensive video and photographic evidence of the all too frequent regulatory breaches involving the contaminated ponds and dams associated with coal seam gas exploration in the Pilliga.
An unwelcome development

When Sharyn Munro was researching for her book, Rich Land, Wasteland: Is coal killing Australia, she realised that the rapid expansion of coal seam gas in Queensland proposed just as big a risk as coal and so, Methane on the March, turned out to be the largest chapter in the book. Since then she has turned her attention to the Pilliga region of north western NSW and to local communities affected by the expansion of coal and coal seam gas extraction.

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