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Wind power (series)
The answer is blowin in the wind

For the month of July this year, the amount of wind-generated energy produced by South Australia covered 43% of South Australia’s entire electricity demand, putting it on a par with European nations like Denmark, Spain and Germany. Alicia Webb, from the Clean Energy Council, outlines the opportunities and successes from wind-generated electricity and flags a threat to the industry as a result of the federal government review.
November 2012 update on windfarms

Alicia Webb, Senior Policy Advisor with the Clean Energy Council, highlights the role of wind energy in achieving our national renewable energy target. And the good news is that in the present review of the legislation which underpins Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET) of 20% by 2020 by the Climate Change Authority, the final discussion paper has recommended the target be left unchanged! 
Who needs small solar and wind electricity generation systems in Australia?

Why there is a market for small solar and wind electricity generation systems in Australia.
Myths about the perils of wind power

Wind farms' successful generation of up to 50 percent of some countries' electricity overseas explodes the myths publicised by Australian critics.
Wind break

Lisa Taylor, Wind Community Engagement Manager with the Clean Energy Council, looks at the benefits of wind farm energy to the local rural communities
Wind up

Professor Simon Chapman, from the School of Public Health at the University of Sydney, outlines why wind farms are subject to complaints and how those complaints stack up with the scientific evidence.

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