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The fire prone Kimberley (series)
Meet the Regional Fire Coordinator for the Kimberley

Ed Hatherley, talks about his history and how he eventually became the Regional Fire Coordinator for the Kimberley and what such a role entails.
La Nina meets the fiery north

When it comes to strategic fire management in our tropical savanna, plenty of rain can be a two edged sword.
Fire scar history maps

New strategies to manage fire in the Kimberley
Up front burner

Changing the nature of wildfire in the Kimberley?
Enhanced fire management through indigenous community involvement

Working with communities in the Kimberley
Northen Australia Fire Managers' Forum

Helping fire managers in the north build their knowledge and skills
Kimberley 2008-09 fire report

Seasons' greetings from the Kimberley 2008-2009
Sparking reduced greenhouse gases

The extensive wildfires in the Kimberley are a significant source of greenhouse gases
New meets old - Kimberley strategic fire management

Traditional indigenous and modern Western approaches join forces in Kimberley fire management.
Kimberley wildfires - not your ordinary bushfire

The north's different patterns of bushfires need different prevention strategies

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