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Seagrass meadows and mangrove forests (Series)
Keep off the (sea)grass

Noni Dowsett describes the many ecosystem services provided by our seagrass meadows. 
Blue carbon biosequestration

Blue carbon biosequestration: Green carbon is carbon that is captured and stored by things on land that are green, such as trees. Blue carbon refers to the carbon that is captured and stored by the oceans. Dr Peter Macreadie explains how coastal ecosystems like seagrasses, saltmarshes and mangroves, help to capture and store carbon, thus reducing carbon emissions.
True blue carbon capture

Seagrasses - superior sequesters of carbon
Aquatic nurseries, sediment stabilisers and carbon sequesters

Climate change and seagrass survival: the importance of studying genetic diversity.
Measuring disruption of seagrass beds without destroying a blade of it

Artificial seagrass to the rescue
Mangrove forests

Build them up - don't chop them down.
More about marvellous mangroves

Professor Joe Lee, from the Australian Rivers Institute at Griffith University, takes a deeper look at mangroves and uncovers some surprising facts, including ones that have great benefits for our environment.
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