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Common (Indian) Myna birds
A Myna point

Brought to Australia to control insect destruction of crops, these little birds were so successful they were known as the Farmers' friend. Sadly, as the farming needs dwindled over decades, the open field habitats also diminished and their preferred food source - insects - had to be sought elsewhere. Ending up as city dwellers brought them to wider attention and they were unfairly denounced as aggressive and displacing our native species, often being confused with our own bossy Noisy Miner.
Clearing bush has created Myna heaven

The distribution of Indian mynas is closely tied to human populations so they are mainly city dwellers. They have carved out an urban niche, preferring to nest in roof spaces and scavenging for food on the ground. Much like ibis, Indian mynas do not have a great reputation and there are many myths about their perceived threat. While it is true that, as an introduced species they should be monitored, they are not having a big effect on native wildlife at this stage.

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