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Shark alert: primaeval predators in need of protection (series)

Grey nurse shark: photo by Richard Vevers
Can captive bred sharks survive in the wild?

Claudette Rechtorik, Program Manager at the Sydney Aquarium Conservation Fund, outlines the results of shark research leading to their release back into the wild.
Australian shark tagging and tracking research

Dr Vic Peddemors looks at shark tagging research in Australia.
How dangerous are sharks?

Claudette Rechtorik, from the Sydney Aquarium’s Conservation Fund, ponders the dangers of our sharks.  
Shark nets part I: a pragmatic point of view

Dr Vic Peddemors looks at the benefits of shark nets to beach goers.
Shark nets part II: adding drum lines to the mix

Associate Professor Clyde Wild, from Griffith University, explains the role of drum lines and shark nets on the Gold Coast.
Sharks: perfectly constructed for predation

Sharks have been around since the age of the dinosaurs and are perfectly evolved marine predators with no competition at the top of the food chain until humans arrived.
The social life of sharks

Now that researchers can identify individual sharks there is more information about shark behaviour.
Diving with sharks

Dr Vic Peddemors details how a relatively new leisure activity, shark diving, is helping to change human views towards an oft maligned creature.
Relatives of sharks: skates and rays

Dr Vic Peddemors looks at the other species of cartilaginous fish, especially skates and rays and chimaeras (also known as ratfish).
Shark attacks and sheep ships: a curious correlation?

Following the spate of recent shark attacks in Western Australia, Humane Society International (HSI) has publicly called on the Western Australian Government to look into all aspects that may be affecting shark behaviour. HSI believes there may be a connection between the export of live sheep from Freemantle, Western Australia, and reported shark attacks.

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