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Wings of a Seabird

Words, melody and vocals: Nicholas Carlile
Vocals, and arrangement for vihuela: Terry Clinton

Emery Schubert

Sound and vision: Paul McQueen

Video creation: Paul McQueen and Ruby Vincent

Photo credits:
Birdlife South Africa
Nicholas Carlile
Judy Jacobs
Michael Jarman
Jeremy Madeiros
Chris Powell
Graham Robertson
Ross Wanless
Frank Zino

Video footage:
Albatross footage: www.LensVision.com.au
Other seabird footage: Nicholas Carlile
Mice footage: Ross Wanless and Andrea Angel

Enthusiasm and Support
Miguel Heatwole
Lisa O'Neill
Jarrah Carlile
Brynn Carlile
Marieke Carlile

A special mention to Seabird Researchers, Wildlife Managers, Island Guardians everywhere who are the unsung heroes of seabird conservation and often endure great difficulties to obtain the data on seabird species so that we may know their plight and do something about it.

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