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Australia's Mound Building Megapodes (series)

A series presented by researchers Ann Goeth and Darryl Jones that draws on their work with birds whose sole contribution to raising their young is building highly efficient incubators where the eggs develop and chicks hatch without any parental contact.
Australia's mound building birds

Dr Ann Goeth introduces Mound-Builders, a book that she coauthored with Associate Professor Darryl Jones, that looks into the incubation mounds built by the Australian species of the megapodes, such as the Australian BrushTurkey. 
Mound building manoeuvres

The male brush turkey has ulterior motives for constructing a magnificent mound and usurping a  rival's work is quite on the cards.
Keep off the mound!

Male brush turkeys can be kept busy protecting their mounds from predators waiting to make a meal of emerging chicks.
Mound breaking news on brush turkeys

Very little was known about how the chicks of mound building birds develop until Dr Ann Goeth’s 'mound breaking' Doctoral research.
Meet the Megapodes and their most unusual family member

The Australian Mallee Fowl is unusual even for this quirky family of big footed birds.
Males behaving very badly

Male and female brush turkeys both have one track minds - but they are very different tracks!
Mound temperature and chick gender

The mound temperature influences the successful hatching of eggs containing male or female chicks differently

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