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The unAustralian Cane Toad

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Cane toad myths

Dr Arthur White explores some of the myths that have developed about one of Australia’s most notorious introduced species – the cane toad. All of these stories are a fascinating insight into the biological myths that have developed around the cane toad. It is interesting that there is a common thread to all these myths, in this case the demonisation of the cane toad. The failure of this introduced species is now widely known, but the cane toad’s reputation is the result of human fallibility, which these days hardly rates a mention.
Success and wrap up for Taren Point eradication

A Question of Balance Tuesday 18 April 2017 Working Party: Dr Arthur White, president of the NSW Frog and Tadpole Study Group (FATS), explains the success of a cane toad eradication program in Sydney’s south. This has been an important and long running project involving various levels of government, universities, volunteer groups and many Sutherland Shire community members. Its success has been the result of continued cooperative involvement that has drawn upon a range of innovative approaches but as time and again, program leaders identify the presence and support of so many members of the community being prepared to put in their time and effort, as being the most important essential ingredients for success. On A Question of Balance, the project has been followed through over the years, including a 30 minute TV documentary that can be downloaded from YouTube. Today’s interview is a brief summary and links to other stories and interviews on AQOB from earlier years.
Toads at Taren Point: catch them while we can

Documentary of the first year of the Working Party's Cane Toad eradication program
Long term success at Taren Point

The sustained efforts of the community members, university personnel, council and state government department have been commendable at Taren Point, showing that environmental problems can be checked with coordinated actions.

Taren Point Cane Toad Eradication Program

One year on and a positive report card!
October Cane Toad muster in Sydney

Join Stewart Harris and colleagues as they lead their hard working volunteers on a wet and windy night of mustering in Sydney's Sutherland Shire.
Cane Toad Detection Dog training

Steve Austin explains how he is training Max the wonder dog to take part in the Sutherland Shire Cane Toad control program.
Planning and action to eradicate Cane toads in Southern Sydney

It's a winnable race against time to eradicate the population of Cane toads discovered in Sutherland Shire earlier this year.
Breeding Cane Toads - in Sydney!

What are our chances of successful eradication?
2009 a new cane toad colony located in NSW

Sniffer dogs in Port Macquarie

2009 Cane Toad Muster report

There's some good news and some that's bad
2008 Toad Muster - would you believe 70,000 Cane Toads!

2007 Toad Muster success!

Survival diets - wildlife who have dropped Cane Toads from their menu

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