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Frog Wrangler Time with Arthur White

Frog Wrangler Time has been a regular feature of A Question of Balance since it first went to air in 2004.  The series has been so popular that for over two years, regular weekly episodes were featured on the National Community Radio Digital Delivery Network for broadcast by community stations across the country.

Our Frog Wrangler is Dr Arthur White, long standing President of the Frog and Tadpole Study Group of NSW.  In these highly entertaining segments he answers frequently asked questions about our quirky and much loved frogs.

We have placed related questions in the groups shown below.  Click on the group title to select the list of questions or to hear Arthur's answers.

Habitat and environment

Do Australian frogs migrate?
What happens to frogs and tadpoles in floods?
Have any Australian frogs been introduced into other countries?
Can you attract frogs to your garden?
What do frogs do in winter?
Are all frogs sensitive to pollution? 
Can frogs survive in salty water?
Do any frogs live in the snow?
How do frogs survive in the desert? 
Why are frogs called the world's canary?  
Why do frogs live in toilet bowls?
Frogs and toads

Can you tell frogs from toads?
How poisonous are cane toads?
Can you get high from licking cane toads?
Frogs as pets

Do frogs make good pets?
How can you get a pet frog?
How do you care for a pet frog?
Do pet frogs get lonely?
Can you train a pet frog?
Characteristics of frogs

Do frogs smell?
Can Australian frogs poison people?
How long do frogs live?
Which frogs live longest?
Can you get warts from frogs?
Can you ID frog calls over the phone?
Do any Australian frogs say rrrbt?
How long before tadpoles become frogs?
What happens to tadpole tails?
Behaviour of frogs

What is lecting
How do frogs burrow without nails or claws?
How smart are frogs?
What do frogs eat?
Do frogs drink water?
Do frogs bite?
Do frogs fight?
Do all frogs lay lots of eggs?
Do both male and female frogs croak?
Do any frogs care for their young?
Can frogs tell if it is going to rain?

Is there REALLY a hairy frog?
What do frog eggs look like?
Just what has happened to frogs' teeth?
How do frogs eat without teeth?
Can you tell what kind of frog a tadpole will become?
Can you tell male frogs from female frogs?
Do frogs have hands and feet?
Do frog fingers and toes have suction caps?
Do frogs have very long tongues?
Was there a blue frog in Australia?
Why do frogs have big bulgy eyes?

Since frogs swallow their food whole how do they digest it so efficiently?
Why were frogs and toads linked with evil and illness?

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