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Environmental volunteers: invaluable but undervalued
Sutherland Shire Council's Bushcare programs

Kevin Seymour, Team Leader from Sutherland Shire Council’s, Bush Care program, discusses aspects of a long running and wide ranging volunteer program that produces positive results for the local environment.
Conservation Volunteers Australia

Conservation Volunteers Australia is an organisation that began in 1982 with an eye to practical hands-on activities to do with environmental improvements. Madeline Townsend, manager for their volunteer programs, explains how the organisation assists environmental programs across Australia.
Greening Australia

Greening Australia has been around for over 30 years and runs volunteering programs around the country. Jason Cummings, Chief Executive Officer for Greening Australia Capital Region, explains how this environmental organisation incorporates volunteers into its operations.
Citizen Science (series)

There are so many citizen science projects now being reported that this series has been given a separate category. Click here to open.

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