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Venoms and Toxins
The Australian Paralysis Tick

Why would a tick that wants to live off its host's blood - kill it?
Toxic marine microbes

Many single-celled marine eukaryotic microbes produce various types of toxins that can cause problems in the marine environment, and for the seafood industry. Associate Professor Shauna Murray, from the Plant Functional Biology and Climate Change Centre at the University of Technology Sydney discusses some of the key issues and research findings.
Ticked off

Associate Professor Kevin Broady, from the University of Technology Sydney, explains the link between ticks and a growing problem for humans - red meat allergy. Recently there has been an association discovered between tick bites and the development of an allergy to red meat. Once a person has become allergic to red meat, avoidance is the main treatment and that includes avoiding red meat and their products, like gelatin, as well as the ticks. Gelatin is found in many processed food products and lollies, in many medical products as a filler in some pills and also used in a blood substitute products and would induce an anaphylactic reaction if given to someone with the allergy. Doctors are now being alerted to test patients for red meat before giving them treatments containing gelatin or other medical products derived from mammals.
Venoms for all reasons

When it comes to toxic beasties - Australia boasts some of the world's finest. But what are the reasons for these many and varied toxins?
Adding up the toxins

Newly discovered toxins in Death Adder venom may explain why antivenom is not always effective.
Monitoring goanna venoms

Just why do these powerful predators need to produce venoms?
Australian snakes - very venomous but so few deaths

Plenty of snakes; relatively few bites and very, very few deaths - good news for snakes and humans.
Are snake venoms toxic to snakes?

Can snakes avoid the toxic effects of their own or other snakes' venoms?
Ecofriendly insecticides from spider venom?

Do spider venoms hold the key to developing safe insecticides that specifically target insects?

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