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Lasting love affairs with the natural world

It's a matter of commitment

  Dr John Kaye
Listeners may be surprised to learn that John Kaye, who recently died, was part of A Question of Balance from early on. In one program from 2005 John Kaye introduces Living in the Hothouse by Ian Lowe, one of John’s heroes, which he recommends for every listener as a seminal work of our times. So 11 years later climate change is on our doorstep but it took a prescient environmental campaigner like John Kaye to highlight its looming challenges. Sadly he will be missed but his messages live on, one being that ignoring climate change is not O Kaye. May 2016

  Nancy Pallin - a champion of conservation
Wildlife conservation: one of many strands of sustainability Nancy Pallin, a long time contributor to A Question of Balance on bats, discusses her history with wildlife conservation, an attachment that has lasted many years. Nowadays the very name and nature of careers evolve rapidly in response to technological and economic pressures. Especially for younger Australians, many careers and employment seem to lack security or to endure. However there have always been less dramatic changes and additions of different disciplines and work effort. The very idea of environmental consultant or being an ecologist for example are important additions that began to blossom in the 1960s and 70s fostered by the rise of community awareness of the roles and values of ecology and environmental conservation. How people became involved in these virtually unknown or understood fields has many paths and certainly no security or promise of lasting existence. However, remarkable individuals and community groups contributed to the blossoming of these disciplines although, even today, persuading governments and many in the community of the central roles of these activities in achieving sustainable and satisfying human communities remains daunting. Right place right time was often the key factor to explain how some groups became involved in many such activities … and definitely not job security or stability Nancy Pallin describes a series of turning points in her own life that opened up new or different conservation work and areas for her.

  Lesley Rogers: the leading light of visual laterality
Emeritus Professor, Lesley Rogers, from the University of New England, was asked about a career in scientific research that has led to revelations about lateralised brains in birds and other species and about her election to the Australian Academy of Science.

  All about Chris Hassell
A Bird in the Hand: Chris Hassell from the Global Flyway Network, looks back on a life that has taken him from herds of cows in Britain to flocks of birds in northern Western Australia. His love of the outdoors that first led him to leave school at age 16 has continued to be fulfilled in his full time field work and research into migratory shorebirds on the Kimberley coast.

  From Austria to Australia with Ann Goeth
From Austria to Australia - this long term environmental love affair has taken a bumpy path from Austria to Australia for ecologist Dr Ann Goeth in her work with animals and in conservation.

  Darryl Jones: talking turkey about wildlife
Associate Professor Darryl Jones, from Griffith University, thinks of himself now as an urban ecologist, even though his roots were formed in the country town of Wagga Wagga (significantly, meaning 'place of many crows'!). Here he outlines how he came to be working with wildlife in the cities.

  Nicholas Carlile - turning dream to reality
Nicholas Carlile, a regular guest on A Question of Balance since 2006, reflects on the paths that led him to his extensive work in developing Island Sanctuaries.

  Arthur White - the fascination of frogs, fossils and all fauna
Dr Arthur White grew up in the times when the idea of working in the environment was mostly unheard of, as was the idea of becoming an environmental consultant.

  K-lynn Smith: connecting biology with technology - one researcher's journey into science.
Dr K-lynn Smith, from the Department of Biological Sciences at Macquarie University reviews her long association with research in Animal Behaviour, where the mix of unobtrusive observation with cutting edge technology has been an enduring theme.

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