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Coal and Coal Seam Gas

  Coal seam gas extraction in New South Wales (series)
Let's review and learn from Queensland's coal seam gas dramas BEFORE we rush in to join the fracas.

  The Pilliga Forest NSW (series)
Many years ago The Pilliga Forest was recognised by state and federal governments as an important region to retained as forest, in a region that had been so widely cleared for farming. It is therefore a combination of State Forest and National Park - a region that belongs to the people of NSW. However even such wise legislation is not protecting the Pilliga Scrub from clearing and destruction by coal seam gas exploration and extraction.
This series draws on the local community's determined fight to retain this unique region.

  Is coal killing Australia? (series)
Land Mines: Sharyn Munro, author of the book 'Rich Land, Wasteland', outlines some of the inequities relating to the coal industry which directly affect the livelihoods of communities, so much so that some disappear altogether.

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