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Climate Colossus menaced by meddling Mankind
No winners here

'Greenhouse gases warm this planet. 

We've had them in the atmosphere for millions of years. They do vary in their concentrations. but the amount they are changing by now is unprecedented.

e have never seen in the history of this world, even before humans were on this planet, a rate of change of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere like we are imposing today   

The vast stores of oil and coal and gas trapped underground  take millions and millions of years to form.
We are taking those millions and millions of years old fossil fuels and burning them virtually overnight to create power.
This is returning greenhouse gases to the atmosphere in such vast quantities that it is causing rapid warming. These fossil fuels need to be abandoned as quickly as possible in a strategic way to reduce our emissions.'

                                                                                                                   Matthew England, May 2010.
  Urban heat island formation
A Hot Topic: Professor Krishan Kumar, Visiting Professor at UTS, from Jawaharlal Nehru University in India, explores urban heat island formations and the effects they have. The focus of his research has been upon the vast city of Delhi and its rural environs.

  2016: A climate for change?
Professor Greg Skilbeck, from the Faculty of Science at the University of Technology Sydney, delivers an overview on climate change. Many of the predictions from climate models are coming true even though the magnitudes of effects might be different. Some attempts by scientists to provide simple indications of climate change may give false impressions. For example, the single consolidated global temperature record is not a particularly good indicator of the complexity of what is happening in climate change. This is an atmospheric record based on stations on land although the oceans make up the majority of the Earth surface and work as a coupled system with the atmosphere, storing some of the heat and are getting measurably warmer. The recent Paris talks do give hope that there is a global push to do something about climate change, the economic imperative being important because businesses can see what is happening. Fossil fuels are a finite resource and will have to be replaced eventually with something else. Even noted republicans such as Arnold Schwarzenegger are making positive statements about what needs to be done. He sees the emissions from vehicles and the burning of fossil fuels as creating a pollution problem in the atmosphere, so that alone should be enough for action to be taken, rather than debating whether climate change is real or not.

  The role of oceans

  The real weather makers
From Ice Age to floods or withering drought - it's all to do with how the Earth wobbles its way around the sun

  All about ENSO

  Frogs and climate change

  Breaking the ice
Arctic meltdown and climate change

  Stormy Weather: Climate Change and Human Displacement

  Why sea levels are far from level

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