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Multitudinous micro-organisms
They are everywhere
  Commonsense and the kitchen sink
Associate Professor Kevin Broady, from the University of Technology Sydney, looks at how bacteria are an essential part of human life.The bacterial presence within human bodies is some two to three times the number of human cells, the bacteria making up several kg of our body weight. However, micro-organisms are the target of many product advertisements, especially those concerned with cleaning. According to Kevin Broady claims such as removing 99.9% of germs which may be true for laboratory tests are more like wishful thinking in real life.

  Exploring ecosystems in our mouths
Clinical Associate Professor Mark Schifter, Specialist in Oral Medicine, Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology Unit at Westmead Hospital, opens our eyes (and ears) to what is really found inside our mouths. For humans, their oral cavities are ecosystems which play host to micro-organisms like bacteria, fungi and viruses.

  Miniature ecosystems - bacteria and biofilms
An inside view of some old and vast ecosystems - the microscopic world of bacteria and biofilms.

  The positive power of biofilms
These micro ecosystems have many positive uses, for example, in the treatment of waste water.

  A jungle in every drop of sea water?
Ocean bacteria live in a nutrient depleted environment and take advantage of nutrients whenever they can.

  Punching above their weight
Microscopic plankton lock up carbon dioxide from surface water, sequestering it to the deep ocean sediments for millennia

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