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Seasons, cycles and soils: connecting with Nature

  Down to earth
Costa Georgiadis introduces his philosophy for productive, sustainable and enjoyable use of the good earth

  Scrutinising the soil
How to give something back: worm farms and composting

  Making a start
Just like an exercise program - step one is to start small! Costa Georgiadis gives advice on how to begin a self-rewarding garden.

  Feeding the soil
Super humus and compost tea: a property at Young in NSW is making its own biological fertilisers supported by soil fertility programs using an innovative technology that  quickens the natural process and can be used on large scale ventures.

  A biodiverse AND edible garden
Just like both having your cake and being able to eat it.

  Wicking beds
A great Australian water conserving innovation

  Adding colour, movement and FUN
Costa Georgiadis digs into the overarching themes of colour, movement and fun, ideas that can help people create better gardens.

  Getting well and truly soiled!
Costa Georgiadis highlights some of the more fascinating stories from his second SBS series of Costa's Garden Odyssey.  

  Blooming Community Gardens (series)
The movement to build community gardens is taking hold nationally. Since they reflect the community members who build them they come in a wide variety of styles, purposes and plantings.

  Not a waste
Costa lifts the lid on the latest composting techniques at a 'composium'.

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