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Ecosystem services: priceless!
  Pollination Bugs
Dr Romina Rader, from the University of New England’s School of Environmental and Rural Science, looks at the importance of many insects in pollination.
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  Nectar and flowers: high energy costs of sex in the seedy life of plants
Plants balance their energy resources to maximise effective pollination. This means providing enough nectar to achieve pollination and enough pollen to achieve transfer and fertilisation. Both nectar and elaborate coloured flowers are high energy costs so it in no wonder that many plants are sophisticated reuse and recyclers.

  More to sea - invasive marine species
Dr Paul Gribben highlights some of the effects of invasive marine species.

  How much water is enough?
Essential flows for Narran Lakes: only careful longterm research can provide the answer here

  How are ecosystem services evaluated? (Series)
Three part series

  Taking Stock of Ocean Productivity
Emeritus Professor John Raven, from Dundee University has a warning about the productivity of our the oceans. In 1798 Malthus published the first edition of his book on population, warning that human population growth could not grow indefinitely because resources would run out. Technological fixes to this problem are hailed as the answer but there are limits. Mobile phones, for instance, need trace elements such as indium which have to be mined and are a finite source.

  Seagrass meadows and mangrove forests (Series)
Seven part series

  Ecotoxicity in waterways (Series)
Three part series.

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