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Often called the lucky country, certainly Australia's good luck has included being isolated from other nearby inhabited lands and its remote location on the globe. Indeed,
given the clear evidence that humans and their imports are the main source of threats to biodiversity, perhaps Australia's greatest good fortune was the relative recency of European discovery and settlement.

While its splendid isolation has been stripped away by modern living, Australia still abounds in its unique biodiversity, its freedom from many plant and animal diseases and its clean and green agriculture.
However nowadays, this is the result of vigilance and good border control not reliance on good fortune.

Australia is the only country that occupies an entire continent - although some regard it as being more like an oversized island which is why it has a staggeringly extensive coastline, extending from the tropical north to the cold oceans facing the Antarctic.

So spare a thought for those people who try to give us security of our borders.

  AQIS priorities in northern WA

  Working with Indigenous ranger groups

  Ballast water

  Exotic insects and other invertebrates

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