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Environmental Law - more than just an act?
  Lock the Gate
Arresting developments: Phil Laird, National Coordinator for Lock the Gate, reports on the rapidly changing political landscape involving coal and coal seam gas. The issue of coal and coal seam gas is marked by collusion between industry and government to minimise opportunities during the planning process and the court process. The only option, then, for citizens is peaceful direct action in order to have their voices heard. The community elects politicians to use power on their behalf but when the politicians fail in that regard, the community may act to take the power back from the politicians and use it themselves.

  Is mining above the law (Series)
Why do important environmental restrictions and regulations that protect communities and ecosystems not apply to mining operations?

  The growing power of nonviolent direct action (Series)
For many communities - the next step when their environmental concerns are ignored....

  Environmental protest songs (Series)
An essential and powerful part of many successful sustained community campaigns.

  NSW Environmental Defenders Office: It's time to defend our defenders!
Two stories: deep cuts but not a fatal blow
In November 2012 Jeff Smith, Executive Director of the Environmental Defenders Office in NSW, reviews the work of his state-based independent organisation in the light of the Barry O’Farrell state Liberal government’s review of its funding sources.
And in an update March 2013 he explains how the office will operate in the next 12 months, following cuts made by the O’Farrell state Liberal government, amounting to a 27% reduction on previous years, a challenging prospect for the EDO given that it equates to a revenue cut of some $400,000.

  Environmental campaigning (Series)

  Save Cronulla Fisheries Research Centre
Why close a heritage listed centre of excellence that maintains the sustainability of our fish stocks? Dr Kevin Rowling, Principal Scientist for Commercial Finfish Research at the Cronulla Fisheries, outlines the impacts from a state government decision to close the facility.

  Stonewalling by Nature
Tara Cameron, from the Blue Mountains Conservation Society, unearths some truths about a proposed open cut coal mine that will affect the Gardens of Stone area, specifically the Ben Bullen State Forest and the town of Cullen Bullen.

  Power against power
Jacinta Green, President of Stop CSG (coal seam gas) Sydney, looks at how community groups can support each other, making them not only regional and national but global as well.

  Clearing the air
Pepe Clarke, CEO of the Nature Conservation Council of NSW, discusses the ramifications of an Environmental Defenders Office report called Clearing the Air.

  Mine blowing
Pepe Clarke, CEO of the Nature Conservation Council of NSW, mines the depths of carbon emissions, coal mining and related environmental issues which have recently seen some successes.

  Introducing the Nature Conservation Council of New South Wales
Pepe Clarke, CEO for the Nature Conservation Council of NSW, outlines how the council operates for environmental protection across the state

  The race to save our environment
Dr Nicola Markus discusses major issues outlined in her book On Our Watch: The Race to Save Australia’s Environment,

  History of our Environmental Legislation
Dr Nicola Marcus returns with a look at environmental law and how it is enacted in Australia.

  Wildlife recovery plans
Dr Nicola Markus, author of On Our Watch, looks at the gap between environmental legislation and the implementation of recovery plans for particular areas or species.

  Flying foxes and Botanic Gardens
A case of not in my backyard?
The problem of the flying foxes that inhabit Sydney’s Botanic Gardens where some of the tallest and oldest trees are affected by the flying foxes that camp there.
A moving tale
Nancy Pallin, from the Ku-ring-gai Bat Conservation Society, revisits the bat colony in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens, now that its relocation has been approved.
A brief reprieve for the Sydney Botanic Gardens' colony
An unexpected but welcome 12 month postponement gives time to reflect on the wisdom of the planned dispersal.

  Sydney's Flying Foxes - a cause in need of a campaign
A threatened species that can still be legally shot by some in NSW

  Humane Society International

  Flying foxes and the law

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