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  Green roofs and walls (series)
The cultivation of green roofs and walls in urban and suburban settings is a recent development. However both green roofs and walls have extended histories. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the wonders of the ancient world was created around 600 BC and in parts of Scandinavia, green roofs have been cultivated for centuries. While still quite unusual in Australia, their popularity in Europe continues to grow and is aided in some countries by legislation that mandates standards of greening for some classes of new buildings.

  Urban heat island formation
A Hot Topic Professor Krishan Kumar, Visiting Professor at UTS, from Jawaharlal Nehru University in India, explores urban heat island formations and the effects they have. The focus of his research has been upon the vast city of Delhi and its rural environs. Please click here to access the page which has been relocated to a different category.

  Koala Beach Development
A visionary development where wildlife AND humans harmoniously share habitat

  Not in my back yard - I don't have one!
Professor Tony Hall traces the recent demise of an Australian institution

  Back Yard Blues
You don't need a quarter acre block to have a back yard so where have they gone?

  The life and death of the Australian backyard

  Indoor plants - low tech high quality air purification
Indoor air environments are more polluted than the outdoors and, given the amount of time we spend indoors, they are inescapable.

  Brain wave - the psychological impact of plants
Professor Meg Burchett from the University of Technology, Sydney, draws together research that shows the psychological benefits of indoor plants.

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