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Burning Issues

  The fire prone Kimberley (series)
This vast region of largely northern savanna experiences widespread extensive wildfire often as a result of lightning strikes.

  People and bushfires (series)
Fire is an integral part of the Australian landscape, with native flora and fauna adapted to survive or thrive in fire prone environments. Despite several hundred years of experience with fires since European settlement, people today seem to be little better at surviving bushfires. Why is it that we do do not seem to learn from the past and why are people still dying in bushfires?

  A Future in Flames (series)
Dr Danielle Clode lives on a bush block in a fire prone region and is a psychologist and zoologist with an enduring interest in the role of fire in the evolution and maintenance of the Australian bush; and she has been involved in research examining community safety for the Country Fire Authority during the Victorian Black Saturday bushfires. A Future in Flames is part of her series on Australian natural history.

  Where there's smoke...
Dr Cuong Tran from Griffith University's School of Environment introduces some major issues about fire
from its ecology to its human impact.

  The burning bush
Dr Cuong Tran looks at the main sources of fires in our landscape and the factors that assist the initial ignition and subsequent burning.

  To burn or not to burn...
Dr Cuong Tran continues the series on bushfire science, this time delving into the ecological implications arising
from the difference in plant flammability.

  A flaming success - how native trees play the system
Some of the ecological evolutionary implications of plant flammability.

  Smoking out regrowth
Bushfires bring the benefits of smoke for the next generation of plants.

  Planting with fire safety in mind

  Global burning
Ken Hickson from the Sunshine Coast University gives a global perspective of the effects of bushfires, forest fires and land clearing.

  People and fire
Many of us are not well informed about bushfires.  Dr Cuong Tran explores the relationship between people and fires and finds that ignorance is not bliss.

  Understanding Communities Living with Bushfires
Dr Alison Cottrell discusses the Understanding Communities Project at James Cook University, that was designed to increase community resilience to bushfires.

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