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Water for All, Forever
In her series, Water for All, Forever, Tally Palmer shares her enthusiasm for the environment and especially water (and trees and water bugs!) and invites people to understand issues and become involved. Tally recommends that everyone and especially water managers read Dr Seuss's environmental parable The Lorax. It tells the story of resource use and the need to balance it with resource protection. (If you are shy - find a child to read it to you).
Tally Palmer introduces her favourite water bugs - mayflies - describing what these hard working insects do to care for our rivers and streams

  Tools of the trade: measuring river water needs
Water for rivers
Tools of the trade: hydrology
Tools of the trade: hydraulics
How much water does a river need?

  Tools of the trade: measuring river health
Ecotoxicology part I
Ecotoxicology part II
Ecophysiology Part I
Ecophysiology Part II
Ecology Part I
Ecology Part II
Bugs and river health 
Water for river health 

  Rivers: part of the landscape
This ancient landscape part I
This ancient landscape part II
Wetland wonderlands

  Good times and bad
The feel good factor
Drought part I
Drought part II

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