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  The UWA Future Farm 2050 Project
Professor Graeme Martin, from the University of Western Australia’s Institute of Agriculture, is leader of the innovative Future Farm 2050 project. By 2050 there will be 50% more people in the world and those people need to be fed without destroying the planet. The Future farm 2050 project was born out of the idea of such a developing issue. To this end the project team convinced the University of Western Australia to own a real farm and establish it as the ideal farm for 2050.

  Ghost nets: sprawling killers strangling the oceans
Floating unseen, often kilometres long discarded plastic fishing nets and other commercial fishing gear are virtually indestructable. The World Animal Protection ghost gear campaign continues to bring wider awareness of this ever increasing damage to marine life and health which does not receive the attention or understanding that now is given to the problems from small hard plastic pollution.

  Temperate Grasslands
Historically, grasslands have always been a feature around areas like Canberra, the ACT and the Southern Highlands. Journals, drawings and historical documents show massive expanses of native grasslands, as such areas were too cold for many tree species to establish. It is hardly surprising that 200 years ago, early European settlers went to these extensive grassland areas to start their sheep and cattle grazing enterprises.
FOG: Friends of Grasslands
Greener Pastures

  Environmental risk assessment and management
Dr Edd Hammill, from the School of the Environment at the University of Technology Sydney, outlines a novel approach to conservation practices, one born out of research into military and civil conflict. The principles used in this approach to conservation can also be applied to other risks such as risk of industrial accidents, the risk of spillages, the risk of pollution or the risk from climate change.

  Saving an urban catchment area
Jacqui Marlow, from the organisation Friends of the Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment, talks about the long history of community action in the area and the strategies being used to curb the latest threats. 

  Private Landholder Voluntary Conservation Agreements (series)
Not taking land for granted!

  Inland floodplain wetlands

  Christmas bells
Another native plant that loves a fire prone landscape

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