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Forests and trees - much more than wood
  Water usage in trees
Dr Melanie Zeppel explains how research into the water usage of trees can be applied to help the environment as well as tell us some crucial information about climate change.

  How forests influence the environment
Ecoservices provided free of charge.How forests influence the environment If our society understood the role of trees we would view the destruction of forests as an act of sabotage against ourselves and life on Earth. Our political behaviour would be very different.

  The not so defenceless plants (series)
To survive the onslaught of hungry herbivores, successful plants have evolved a massive weaponry that ranges from physical barriers to deadly poisons. And yet, also to survive, herbivores obviously have evolved mechanisms that enable them to cope with many of these defences.

  Sophisticated plant communication systems
Perhaps not surprising since they have been evolving for millenia more than mammals

  Bush regeneration and biodiversity
While there are many paths to conservation and aims and goals may vary widely, successful endeavours typically find they end up applying a whole of environment approach.

Victory for the Blue Gum High Forest
Nancy Pallin celebrates the final resolution of a very long campaign to save the Blue Gum High Forest at St Ives in Sydney’s north and outlines the reasons that community action was ultimately successful.

Environmental consultancy industry
Garry Daly, explains how the environmental consultancy industry started and outlines some features of his work.

  The Eureka Stockade of the Forest Movement

  Blast Mount Etna

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