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Australian Frogs
Frogs tend to be regarded as the modern World's canary and from the decline in their populations, health and habitat around the globe, their grip on the perch seems increasingly shakey. While the plight of our native frogs increasingly attracts the interest and often hard work of both professionals and general community groups across Australia - their stories are rarely regarded as newsworthy to mainstream media...an oversight these webpages will try to remedy.

  News and Views
While there's plenty of action on the frog front that IS worth reporting, most frog matters don't make it into mainstream media.

Night Watch:FATS and gazetting Wallingat State Forest
Dr Arthur White, president of the NSW Frog and Tadpole Study Group (FATS), looks at how long-term data collection can produce positive results for the environment. FATS is a community group so it has member who range from everyday families to professional herpetologists and academics. FATS has always tried to have a semi-scientific focus and has a long term project that is a good example of what citizen science can achieve. FATS has had regular field trips since 1983 to an area on the northern side of Smith’s Lake, the Wallingat State Forest. The forest has large numbers of animals including 14 threatened species, seven of which were first identified by FATS members’ information ánd are recorded into the NSW Wildlife Atlas as a result of the data reported by FATS. In the early 1990s the state government was interested in creating new national parks around areas of high regional biodiversity. They used the Wildlife Atlas and ultimately gazetted the state forest to become Wallingat National Park based on those fauna records.

  The unAustralian Cane Toad
The long running saga of a highly successful, very adaptable exotic species whose importation to Australia was questionable (and indeed questioned!) from the start.

  All about Chytrid
An ancient organism that was transformed worldwide into a scourge for frogs as a result of human globalisation.

  Frog Wrangler Time with Arthur White
In these highly entertaining segments, our Frog Wrangler , Dr Arthur White, answers frequently asked questions about our quirky and much loved frogs.

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