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Frogs tend to be regarded as the modern World's canary and from the decline in their populations, health and habitat around the globe, their grip on the perch seems increasingly shakey. While the plight of our native frogs increasingly attracts the interest and often hard work of both professionals and general community groups across Australia - their stories are rarely regarded as newsworthy to mainstream media...an oversight these webpages will try to remedy.

  News and Views
While there's plenty of action on the frog front that IS worth reporting, most frog matters don't make it into mainstream media.

Where are the Painted Desert Frogs in NSW?
Update August 2018 ...File now closed
Where are the Painted Desert Frogs in NSW ...not there! One of the problems for the Painted desert frog (Neobatrachus) is that there is another species that looks similar and occurs in NSW. When people claimed to have heard this desert burrowing frog in the far south west of NSW it got recorded on the Wildlife Atlas as a positive record. Dr White was suspicious because the habitat there was not right. He has visited several times and is convinced they are not there! 

  The unAustralian Cane Toad
The long running saga of a highly successful, very adaptable exotic species whose importation to Australia was questionable (and indeed questioned!) from the start.

  All about Chytrid
An ancient organism that was transformed worldwide into a scourge for frogs as a result of human globalisation.

  Frog Wrangler Time with Arthur White
In these highly entertaining segments, our Frog Wrangler , Dr Arthur White, answers frequently asked questions about our quirky and much loved frogs.

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