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Road Ecology: a fancy name for Road Kill
You may not know the expression 'road ecology' but it is the title for a growing area of research that focuses on road kill.

  The Compton Road fauna crossings
This outstanding success story is featured as a series in the category Wildlife in the Cities on this website.

  How to deal with road kill
Jacqui Marlow, from the Wakehurst Parkway Road Kill Committee, provides helpful advice about dealing with road kill and avoiding other potential hazards.

  Fence me in - Wakehurst Parkway success
Jacqui Marlow, from the Wakehurst Parkway Road Kill Committee, reports on the successful use of fencing to reduce wildlife deaths on a busy urban road that passes through bushland in Sydney's north.

  It's a trap!
Our ‘road ecology’ continues to move towards more high speed roads and more powerful vehicles intruding into once quiet rural bushland habitat, with often fatal consequences for our native animals.

  Modelling survival of wombats on the Snowy Highway
For approximately 22 km, the Snowy Mountains Highway travels along the border of a local national park. This stretch is a death trap for wombats crossing the road to get to the attractive grazing land which is on both sides of the road.

  Roadkill impacts on populations in protected areas
Dr Erin Roger, from the School of Biological Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of NSW, has undertaken research on the conservation of wombats and how road kill was affecting their populations.

  Ten years of road kill in NSW
Dr Daniel Ramp - a dedicated 'road ecologist' presents ten years of road kiill accident statistics for NSW with some interesting twists to the findings.

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