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  Waste water management
Around the world, developed countries use a massive amount of energy on water treatment. In the US, 45 million tons of greenhouse gases are produced in terms of the energy generated to be used in waste water systems each year. The energy is used to move the waste water around and to bubble oxygen into it, an expensive process. Dr Stephen Woodcock, from the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the University of Technology Sydney, sums up how waste water management and treatment can be improved by environmental engineering.

  Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre
Rethinking waste - there's a resourceful art to it!

  Good Riddance
An 11 part series with Pauline Curby and Virginia Macleod

  A ringing endorsement
A solution for those old mobile phones that benefits both the environment and some very sick children.

  Power drinks
Why the beverage industry dislikes container deposit schemes.

  Methane menace
Tips about methane from tips.

  Compost Awareness Week
Compost - recognising rubbish as a precious resource in the rough.

  EcoLogic Exhibition becomes rural resource kit
Transforming a city based exhibition into a flexible resource for rural communities

  RenewNSW - turning rubbish to resources
  RenewNSW - Waste to Art
  RenewNSW - the latest news

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